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Further evidence that Deontay Wilder is the hardest puncher ever

Deontay Wilder is the hardest punching heavyweight that’s ever graced a ring. That’s according to many of his peers in the boxing world.

Lou DiBella has said it. Regis Prograis has said it. Now, Isaac Chamberlain from the United Kingdom has joined the party.

The cruiserweight contender spent time in an American gym with Wider and returned with his head spinning.

Deontay Wilder – the hardest puncher

“Deontay Wilder isn’t only a powerhouse. It’s his speed that makes the difference,” Chamberlain told Sky Sports News.

“He’s powerful, very powerful. I remember I sparred with him when I was 19. He hit me with an uppercut, and I thought I was back in London. Yes, he’s a solid puncher.

“People always say it’s his power. It’s not really; it’s his speed. He’s very quick off the mark, and he processes very quickly.

“People don’t realize it and only think he’s wild in general.”

On criticism of Wilder’s style and tendency to miss, Chamberlain added: “No, he’s only wild when he has you hurt.

“But he sticks to the basics very well. He’s very, very sharp. So he’s better than what people think.

“There’s method behind the madness.”

Deontay Wilder comeback

Asked if he believes Deontay Wilder will return to the sport after almost a year out of action, the Briton concluded: “One million percent.

“I remember I was face timing him before the other fights. He was in the zone and locked in. A true test of character is how you bounce back.

“You need characters like that in boxing. He’ll certainly be back.”

George Foreman is usually in the shake-up when people discuss the sport’s heaviest hitters. However, “Big George” himself named his top two.

“One is Joe Louis. Two is Ernie Shavers. The others did hit me [too, like] Ali, Liston, Frazier, and Lyle,” said Foreman.

Ron Lyle

The oldest heavyweight champion of all time also had a special mention for ex-opponnet Ron Lyle.

“I didn’t get a taste of Ernie Shavers punch. But Lyle gave me a taste of “Space Travel.” Afterward, I could have become a consultant for NASA,” he joked.

Promoter Lou DiBella agreed with Regis Prograis, though.

The Hall of Famer who had a hand in taking Wilder’s career to world title level is sure about who holds the most ferocious punch.

“(Deontay Wilder has) Arguably the most incredible one-punch power ever. Up there with Mike Tyson, George Foreman, and Ernie Shavers.

“The hardest punchers in heavyweight history,” he said, echoing what Prograis stated. Although Prograis said, ‘Wilder is the hardest.’

Tyson Fury’s brain damage concerns

Despite stating Wilder wasn’t the hardest puncher he faced previously, three-time opponent Tyson Fury admitted last month that he was worried about brain damage.

In getting dropped four times by Wilder and taking a hell of a punch in fight one, Fury has considerable concerns about his future health.

“I was feeling the back of my head. I had lumps on the back of my head like fists. But I didn’t know if I had brain damage. I didn’t know what was up with me,” said Fury.

“I was very frightened because I had these massive swellings on the back of my head. And I was thinking, ‘I could end up with brain damage.’ I was concussed. I didn’t remember anything.”

Judge for yourself, but Deontay Wilder is undoubtedly in the shake-up. Make no mistake about that.

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