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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia has two major hurdles early on

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Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia have two obstacles to overcome if they want to share a ring in the future.

Davis and Garcia look to be on a collision course for the end of 2022. The hope comes after both verbally agreed to the fight.

Garcia took care of Javier Fortuna on Saturday night and demanded a Pay Per View clash with Davis.

Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia

After dropping Fortuna three times in an awe-inspiring performance, Garcia had only one thing on his mind – Tank.

“I felt way better at this weight. I’m not going down to 135 for anything. But I will fight Tank next if he wants it at 140.

“I’ll make sure to record all the negotiations so you can’t say I was ducking. I want that fight because it will give me the respect I deserve.

“I’m never afraid. I have a spirit of competition in me. You’ll see that come out when I fight Tank and whoop him.”

Weight problem

But that’s where one of the early problems lies. A response to Garcia from Davis’ handler Leonard Ellerbe was telling.

“Love it or hate it, all roads at 135 to make the biggest fight possible come through the boss of the division. He goes by the name of Tank Davis.”

Responding to questions over the validity of Davis being number one when Devin Haney holds all the belts, Ellerbe responded: “Nobody is delusional.

“All you clowns are mad. Tank Davis is the only one generating the revenue. It’s all about that bottom line. I’m just giving you the facts.”

Davis added his input by stating: “See you all at the end of the year,” to give fans real hope. However, Garcia is unwilling to take the fight at 135, which could be where Davis and Ellerbe dig their heels in during talks.

The Baltimore man could be at least looking for a catchweight, as many still don’t believe he’s filled out at 140. Others would argue that Garcia has only had one fight at the weight himself.

Fingers crossed

But everyone in unison is keeping their fingers crossed for a signed contract. However, there’s a second problem in the network.

Showtime doesn’t seem keen to share rights with DAZN, according to head honcho Stephen Espinoza.

Speaking to Dan Cannobio before the Garcia fight, Espinoza queried: “Why would we need to go to DAZN when DAZN hasn’t signed Ryan exclusively?”

Ishe Smith, a regular commenter of all things Gervonta Davis, doesn’t see the weight being an issue. He does undoubtedly foresee a TV hurdle in the midst.

“They both got that hot [stuff] in their hands. But Tank’s is a bit hotter. Garcia pulls straight back, and that will cause him to get KO’d.

“I don’t see it happening, though. Showtime and DAZN, GBP, and MP? – Nah, I just don’t see it. I’m not getting my hopes up for anything.

“Back in the day, super fights had to be made to make big bucks. Why should these fighters fight one another if they are already making seven figures?

“The market is saturated. Good luck making these fights.”

Shared Pay Per View

Also speaking to Dan Cannobio earlier in the summer, Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya aired his views on Davis vs Garcia.

“I announced yesterday that I’m willing to make Tank Davis a multi-million-dollar offer to make this fight happen with Ryan. That’s exactly what he wants.

“Ryan wants Tank Davis next,” De La Hoya told Cannobio’s Inside Boxing Live.

“That fight could easily generate over 1 million homes on both Showtime and DAZN platforms. So, I’m willing to do that. I want to meet them halfway.

“Many of these promoters and networks don’t want to cross the street. I’m certainly willing to meet them halfway and make this fight happen.

“I mean, this is somewhat of a 50/50 fight. Let’s split everything down the middle 50/50 and make this fight happen.”

Showtime and DAZN

On Showtime and DAZN sharing the Pay Per View rights, the ten-time world champion added: “Absolutely. I’m open to anything.

“I mean, I’m open to everything. It can be a two-fight deal, just like you mentioned. I mean, everything is possible.

“We can even do a split where maybe you hold 10%, and the winner gets that extra 10%.

“If you have two platforms promoting the fight, pushing the fight, available for their customers on Showtime on DAZN, it makes the event much bigger.”

The first port of call will be for both sides to agree on the weight and TV for a non-title PPV headliner.

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