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Floyd Mayweather Sr. told me I beat his son – Oscar De La Hoya

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Oscar De La Hoya won a career-defining fight against Floyd Mayweather in 2007, according to his opponent’s father.

The Golden Boy boss claimed Floyd Mayweather Sr. told him he won their mega-fight when the pair met in 2007.

In what turned out to be a passing of the Pay Per View torch, De La Hoya lost to Mayweather over fifteen years ago.

However, Mayweather then went on to dominate the business.

At that time, the scorecards struggled to split the champions. Mayweather claimed marks of 116-112 and 115-113. De La Hoya took a 115-113 victory with judge Tom Kaczmarek.

Afterward, as Mayweather congratulated his son and the man he trained in De La Hoya, Sr. admitted his verdict on the fight.

“So the fight’s over. Floyd Sr. is like my best trainer I ever had,” explained De La Hoya to ESPN. “Me and Floyd are like this [fingers crossed tightly].

“And I see him coming to me. I’m going to say something to him, ‘like hey, we’re cool, right?’ Because at the time, he was like the man, you know.

“And he goes, ‘ah man Oscar, you won that fight.’ – Ah man, the dad told me that!”

Sr. had been in the corner of De La Hoya for some time before the meeting. He opted not to participate out of respect for both men. It was a bizarre situation.

The words of the respected coach obviously won’t go down well with Floyd Mayweather. They are something small that De La Hoya can take away from the loss.


Floyd Jr. hit 38-0 after that fight, and his career sky-rocketed. As for De La Hoya, beating Steve Forbes led to a career-ending defeat against an in-form Manny Pacquiao in December 2008.

Fast forward twelve years, De La Hoya was training for an ill-fated comeback in his late forties. However, enticing Floyd Mayweather to accept an exhibition rematch never entered the equation.

De La Hoya decided against the return against Vitor Belfort and didn’t regret how everything went down.

“He’s talented. As old as we were, we can still throw punches. We saw it with Evander Holyfield, where he knocked him out. I think I dodged a bullet there,” De La Hoya told The MMA Hour.

“I was in great shape, but I must admit I was lying to myself. When I was sparring, I was getting hit a lot. So I was being stubborn.

“I was in great shape. My reflexes in the videos that I posted were legitimate. They were fast, and my reflexes were incredible. But when I was sparring, I was getting hit too much. Everything happens for a reason.

“I’m glad I didn’t fight because he’s a big guy. He knocked out Evander Holyfield, so everything happens for a reason.

“I’m glad I got over it [COVID-19], and I didn’t fight. Now I can sit back and relax and grow some grey hairs promoting fighters.”

Mayweather himself continues to share headlines with MMA fighters and YouTube stars. At the same time, De La Hoya captures column inches about his promotional stable.

Whether either should still be in the ring is up for debate.

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