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Dillian Whyte heavyweight warns of YouTuber, TikTok boxing death

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Irish heavyweight Thomas Carty warned of a possible death after witnessing one of the most criticized TikTok Boxing shows ever staged.

A recent event saw several no-hopers who cannot throw a punch allowed to compete inside the ropes.

TikTok Boxing

Many of the competitors had seemingly not even trained for combat. Carty, managed by former world title challenger Dillian Whyte, believes the shows are a ticking time bomb.

“TikTok and YouTube boxing is going to get someone killed. Boxing is not to be messed with. One punch can change your life forever,” said Carty.

Many others agreed with Carty as two fights in particular caused concern.

Paddy Murphy and Luke Bennett

One commenter who watched the bouts that saw Paddy Murphy letting it all hang out and Luke Bennett, who lacks any knowledge of how to punch or defend himself, summed it all up.

“Paddy Murphy’s a** [hanging out], Luke Bennett giving up in 20 seconds, Elle Brooke being deranged, and a 52-year-old dad getting knocked out in 20 seconds. £6.99,” they said.

Another stated on Bennett: “Shame on everyone who encouraged Luke Bennett to get in the ring.”

A third stated: “His family and friends are wrong for letting Luke Bennett step into a ring just to embarrass himself like that.

“He clearly didn’t want to be there. Bennett looks like he hasn’t lifted a weight in his life. Poor guy.”

Murphy’s weight battle

Murphy, though, revealed he is on a mission to lose weight. He’s already lost a commendable twenty kilos.

Murphy is attempting to improve his life regardless of his boxing skills or modesty.

“I tell you what. Last night was some Craic,” said Murphy. “I may have lost, and people may laugh now at my size, but I’m not stopping until this weight is gone.

“I’m ticking off the Bucket List along the way.

“I want to thank everyone for the support. And even all the haters. I know I’m a fat B******. That’s why I’m losing it.

“Twenty kilograms down, forty to go. My shorts did me dirty, by the way.”


All fun and games aside, there is a much bigger issue here. It’s the consent for anyone to get in the ring and don a pair of gloves.

Like the professional or amateur side, getting punched in the head requires some conditioning.

Better regulations for these kinds of events cannot come soon enough for some. It seems to be a matter of time before a tragedy strikes.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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