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Hasim Rahman Jr. reveals astonishing rule for Jake Paul sparring

Hasim Rahman Jr. revealed that opponent Jake Paul made a wild stipulation when they sparred each other in 2019.

The heavyweight was 8-0 at the time. He got brought in by Paul to teach him the basics. At the time, Paul was a YouTuber attempting to make his debut in the sport.

Jake Paul

Rahman gave Paul some pointers, as did many other boxers and coaches. However, when they had a move around in the ring,

Paul ordered Rahman to fight him with one arm behind his back; such was his worry about getting filled in by a bigger man.

When they collide on August 20 in New York, Rahman looks forward to being able-bodied.

“I will be using both hands on August 6. I only used one hand when I sparred him,” revealed Rahman.

Jake Paul Sparring

“He can’t even spar anyone with one hand. He’s not even on my level. I boxed this man with one hand behind my back.

“I promise you; he turned his back. He ran from me. I was trying to help you. He’s definitely barking up the wrong tree. I’m going to mess you up.”

Unimpressed by Paul’s boxing ability, Rahman is more concerned about the paycheck and being able to provide for his family.

The son of a legend sees the result of the fight not in doubt.

“This is such a huge opportunity for me. I never once second-guessed or even doubted the outcome of this fight,” said Rahman.

“I’m the one giving you credibility. None of your other opponents gave you any credibility.


“Who have you fought? You haven’t fought anybody. You fought champions in the NBA and MMA, but no boxers.

“I think that I haven’t reached my full potential yet. I can definitely have performed better in all of my fights. So on August 6, we’re going to come fully prepared.

“I’m here to end this façade that he’s calling a career, so we’re going to see on August 6 Jake Paul fall. You’re definitely going to see that.”

Rahman says Paul and his team didn’t release the full story on footage of their sparring sessions.

“They put the footage that they want to put out. Did you put out footage where you turned around and ran away from me in the ring?

“You turned your back and ran. You’re going to see it on August 6.”

Rahman form

However, in his most recent bout in April, Rahman Jr. was stopped controversially in the fifth round by James McKenzie Morrison.

He was going up against the son of former heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison. When the referee waved off the fight with Rahman Jr. on his feet, Rahman Jr. complained bitterly in the ring.

Rahman certainly believes he should have been allowed to continue against Morrison, who improved to 20-0-2 with 18 KOs.


Now, Rahman Jr. steps into this high-profile SHOWTIME PPV main event bout at Madison Square Garden. He hopes to notch a turnaround win in the same fashion as his famous father and namesake.

After suffering knockout losses in 1998 and 1999, Rahman stormed to prominence in 2001 when he decked Lennox Lewis with an overhand right.

His fifth-round shocker reverberated around the world. Rahman won the unified heavyweight world championship in South Africa.

In 2005, Rahman became a two-time heavyweight champion when he won a vacant title against Monte Barrett.

Junior’s dad won’t be the one stepping in with Jake Paul, though.

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