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Home » Canelo, Golden Boy and Tank aside, Ryan Garcia has to impress

Canelo, Golden Boy and Tank aside, Ryan Garcia has to impress

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Ryan Garcia has to live up to earlier criticism when the Golden Boy star takes on Javier Fortuna this weekend.

“King Ry” goes into a delayed clash with Fortuna with plenty of question marks surrounding his future.

Ryan Garcia gripes

Gripes with Canelo Alvarez after leaving the Mexican’s camp interrupted pre-fight media circles throughout the build-up.

Also, Garcia’s desire to face Gervonta Davis before promoter Oscar De La Hoya is even ready has its own issues.

For now, the focus is on Fortuna, but seemingly only just.

“I am having a great time. I am supreme confidence. I’ve worked my a** off,” insisted the always vocal Garcia.

“This game is about adjustments. You can’t bank on the same thing every day. What matters most is that you do the best you can with the hand you are dealt with at that moment.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are not 100%. We are at the point where that doesn’t even matter.

“I am at the point that it wouldn’t matter if I am at 65%; I am destroying Fortuna. He cannot beat me. I am levels above him.”

Joe Goossen

Garcia added that his relationship with Joe Goossen is coming along: “Joe’s consistency and work ethic never miss a beat. He is always looking to improve or find a way to better your game.

“He is there all the time. His worth ethic is unmatched.

“Overall, my skill level improved. This is due to my consistent training after my brief break.

“My mind is up to speed in terms of timing, reflexes, distance, and control. Overall my game is much better.”

Asked about his mental health situation after taking time off last year, Garcia believes those troubles are behind him.

“I have been taking steps with surrounding myself with people who want the best for me. People that will not contribute to stress and pressure on my life.

“I am focusing on what keeps me happy and what songs keep me happy.”

Javier Fortuna

Ironically, Fortuna was due to be in the opposite corner when Garcia stood down from the sport to gain his composure.

However, the fight had to happen at some point as Garcia faced accusations of avoiding the battle after signing on the dotted line.

A warm-up win against Emanuel Tagoe was all the social media influencer had needed to prepare him for the challenge.

“[After going the distance with Tagoe], I can base my overall game plan a little bit better for a twelve-round fight.

“Conditioning-wise, I have updated our techniques. I understand at which rounds I feel more tired and when I feel a second wind.

“There have been little things that I have been able to construct in my mind that evaluate and have solutions for when training.

“So now I feel even more comfortable in a 12-round fight. I certainly will be able to show you what I have learned and what I have been working on July 16.”

“I am a great fighter. I’ll show you the difference between Jojo Diaz and me and Robert Easter Jr.

“Nothing is guaranteed, but I am 99.999% confident I will take Fortuna out early.”

Gervonta Davis

Not to leave out the thought of a Pay Per View with Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia concluded: “I think it’s pretty obvious where we are headed once we pass Fortuna.

“I am going to campaign for the fight against Gervonta Davis. We want to be transparent about the process to prove to the people that we want this fight.

“I try to find ways to exploit the truth and clear the fog. I must be transparent, just like I was with the Cruz negotiations.”

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