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Jake Paul thinks he’s saved boxing, in reality, he’s a laughing stock

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Jake Paul once again drummed up support for his latest boxing freak show by claiming to be the sport’s savior.

The YouTuber turned MMA has-been slaughtered is hoping the die-hard fans will get behind him after deciding to face a real boxer for a change.

No sooner had he begun attempting to sway people to his way of thinking had the vlogger shot himself in the foot.

Jake Paul Saved Boxing

“This is why boxing was such a dying sport before I came into it. I literally saved the whole entire sport, basically single-handedly,” Paul told MMA Hour.

“I mean, along with some other heavyweights and some lightweights, but mostly because of me, boxing was saved. I’m starting to realize what the problem was.

“That’s why I give the UFC props, that’s why I give Dana White props. But it p***** me off because I just want to get to the ring and do my f**king job, put on a show for the fans.

“Tyson Fury’s afraid to fight Anthony Joshua. Fury’s afraid to fight Oleksandr Usyk. This is why boxing is dying because these fights aren’t mandatory.”

Not a good boxer

Ishe Smith, a former world champion who worked with Floyd Mayweather, wasn’t impressed.

“This why I don’t like dude,” said Smith. “Savior? Man, get the f*** out of here. Tyson Fury is an all-time great.

“The trilogy with Wilder was epic, and he will most likely fight the winner of this fight coming up. If he doesn’t, who cares?”

Jake Paul Tyron Woodley Pay Per View
Amanda Westcott

On Paul’s ‘career,’ Smith added: “You finessed the public thinking you’re a good boxer but not just get your bag.”

Paul is stepping up for the first time in facing Hasim Rahman Jr. – an actual heavyweight boxer with a pulse.

However, there are already questions over the validity of Rahman.

Laughing stock

Whatever the case, Paul certainly has delusions of grandeur when it comes to his position in the sport. Many boxing fans who weren’t Jake Paul fans from his YouTuber and Disney days never have and will never be on board with him.

To many knowledgable viewers, Jake Paul is a laughing stock. And what he’s doing in these press conferences will only extend that further.

It’s not helping his case when one minute he says boxing is dead, and in the following interview, he’s stating boxing is far more significant than MMA due to putting on big fight after big fight.

Which one is it, Jake?

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