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Home » Mike Tyson continues punishing himself in the gym, big fight looming?

Mike Tyson continues punishing himself in the gym, big fight looming?

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Mike Tyson is going through grueling training sessions in the gym with news of a potential exhibition looming.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion fought in late 2020 against Roy Jones Jr. The event broke exhibition records and entered the all-time top ten Pay Per View list.

Having been linked to facing several opponents, including Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, and YouTuber Jake Paul, Tyson looks almost ready to go.

Mike Tyson exhibition

Boasting one of the best regimes of any 56-year-old involved in the sport, Tyson knows there’s still money to be made. He needs the correct opponent and backing to get the event over the line.

Plans for a Legends Only League failed to come to fruition for Mike. Plus, streaming deals have either fallen apart or gone sour. But as far as one-off special events are concerned, Tyson certainly has another one in him.

It’s good for Tyson that they don’t have random recreational drug testing, as he made a startling admission during a recent appearance on The Pivot Podcast.

Tyson stated he took magic mushrooms and marijuana before trading blows with Jones on Triller.

“They help me train. They help me box better. When I’m fighting, I don’t really feel the punches,” revealed Mike.

“It really is like magical [stuff]. You saw me just fight. I was on shrooms. I wouldn’t fight without them. Are you crazy? And some weed. I wish I did this [stuff] in my career,

“I’m mad I didn’t know about this [stuff before].”


In terms of opponent, you’d have to believe that Lewis is the frontrunner. The pair discussed the possibility plenty of times in the media during 2021.

Tyson even gave a date of September for the clash. However, it never went down as both would have intended.

Interest would be there for the bout due to the circumstances of their last battle. The venue needed extra security after Tyson bit Lewis on the leg at the press conference.

In the end, Lewis had the final say with a mid-round knockout against a faded Tyson.

Julius Francis

If Lewis doesn’t work out, there’s always Julius Francis. Tyson blasted out the Briton in the UK previously. But after witnessing Francis score a one-punch knockout as a security, there’s certainly an angle that both could use to sell tickets.

“If there is a promoter that’s willing to promote a sanctioned fight. I have never liked talking about money, but if they could come up with a decent offer, then who knows?

“I’m going to put it out there. I’m going to say, ‘Yes. Yes, we can have a rematch.’ I don’t know if anybody will watch it, but I’m going to say, ‘Yes,” said Francis when speaking to TMZ about Mike Tyson II.

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