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Home » Jake Paul finally facing a real boxer may not happen after all

Jake Paul finally facing a real boxer may not happen after all

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Jake Paul promised to step up to the plate and fight a real boxer after eyeing Tommy Fury before confirming a clash with Hasim Rahman Jr.

It all could end in tears just a few days after receiving praise for selecting a heavyweight with a good amateur background.

Jake Paul opponent

WBN understands Paul is now looking at the possibility of facing another MMA fighter after claiming Rahman is trying to price himself out.

“Hasim Rahman Jr., actually right now, is trying to renegotiate his contract,” Paul told The MMA Hour.

“So he signed a contract last week for ten times more than he’s ever been paid for any of his fights. Now – boom, fast-forward one week — he’s trying to renegotiate.

“He’s trying to suck more money out of the fight. He’s trying to do anything he can to claw and make money. I think he realizes the consequences of what might happen.”

Rahman scared

“I think he’s actually scared to fight me. A lot of these guys are excited by the money at first. Then when it actually comes time to start training and getting into camp. Doing all these things, they all chicken out.

“So who knows if this fight will even happen at this point because we’re not going to pay him more money. He’s not worth it. He has a name, but he doesn’t have a massive name. So it’s unfortunate, man.”

No more money

Paul then ruled out paying Rahman any further cash, leaving the whole August 6th event in doubt with under one month to go.

“I’m not paying the guy more. I’m tired of these guys trying to overprice themselves. We’re paying him ten times more than he’s ever made. Now he’s trying to ask for thirty times more than what he’s ever made, all of a sudden.

“But there’s a signed contract already. He already signed on the dotted line. Now he’s trying to go back and be like, ‘Well, I’m not going to fight.’ Don’t fumble the biggest bag of your life!”

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