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5′ 6″ Floyd Mayweather says he chose boxing over NFL and NBA

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Floyd Mayweather became of the greatest boxers of all time. However, it could have been so different, says the champ.

Mayweather once discussed choosing his highly successful boxing stint over a potential career in the NFL or NBA despite standing just five foot six inches tall.

Firstly, the former pound-for-pound king opted to follow the family tradition. Therefore, it was a good decision based on his slight frame.

Campaigning at super-featherweight initially, which is just 130 pounds, Mayweather ended up a five-weight world champion in the ring.

But recently outlining his options as a young sportsman, the 45-year-old was adamant he could have forged a pro career in either football or basketball.

“Boxing is all I ever wanted to do, but I did play Football,” Mayweather told Club Shay Shay. “I was a running back, and I was the fastest one on my football team.

“I had fun, and if I chose to play football, I could have played football. If I wanted to play basketball, I could have done that. It was whatever I wanted to do.”

Floyd Mayweather

Asked if he felt any pressure to be a boxer because of his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., or uncle Roger, both of whom were highly rated, Mayweather added: “None whatsoever.

“My Dad pushed me and wanted me to be the best. It was never good enough, and that’s what I like about my dad. He was very, very strict.

“When I think of a strong-willed hard working man, that’s my dad. I don’t care what we have been through in the past. It’s all about growth.

“I love my dad. And I wouldn’t be the man I am today without him. I wouldn’t have accomplished the things I have accomplished.


“I certainly wouldn’t be known as TBE if it wasn’t for my Father. My dad would run the street. My dad would hustle.

“But every day, my dad would make sure I went to the boxing gym. I love my dad for that,” he added.


There’s no doubting Mayweather made the correct choice, if only due to his stature as the average NBA Basketball star is 6ft 7ins.

As for the NFL, it’s 6ft 2ins. Weight-wise, players plateau out at 245 pounds. Floyd Mayweather was way off either of those.

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