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Home » Eddie Hearn launches Wolf of Wall Street rant on US promoters

Eddie Hearn launches Wolf of Wall Street rant on US promoters

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Eddie Hearn went all Wolf of Wall Street when discussing his relationship with American promoters as the Briton gave a defiant ‘I’m not leaving’ rant.

Hearn believes some of his rivals want him to fail in the United States as he has attempted to crack the market since 2018.

Joining forces with streaming app DAZN, Hearn has since faced accusations of blowing a billion-dollar budget.

The Matchroom boss issued a denial and said he would come out on top in the end on a global scale.

Eddie Hearn resistance

“What I’m experiencing in the US is what I experienced in the UK when I started, which was resistance from the industry,” Hearn told FightHub TV.

“But that’s flattering in a way. I want to leave a mark wherever I go. I’m not interested in conforming. I’m not interested in pretending to be something I’m not, going in and making friends with these people, and being two-faced. I’ll be friendly, but I’m going to speak my mind.

“I’m going to use my sarcastic British tongue that sometimes goes entirely over people’s heads, and I’m going to be myself. And you don’t have to like me, or you can like me, but you will respect me when everything’s over.


“And people like Leonard Ellerbe, when I look at what I’m doing in the sport versus what he’s doing in the sport. This is no criticism of him. I think he’s done a great job with Tank — but there are levels and levels between us.

“I’m taking the sport to a global scale, doing shows worldwide of unprecedented size. And he’s just doing two or three shows a year.

“Also, it’s good, people talking about me in America: Bob, Leonard, Espinoza, Lou. It’s helping my profile massively in the States, which they don’t really realize. So the more, the merrier. And I never take it personally.

Not leaving

“You never see me raising my voice or swearing at people or telling them I’m going to knock them out when I see them or stomp on their head! Like, they’ve completely lost their mind.

“They want me out. If I was so useless and if I was such a clown, why would you want me out so bad? So bad!

“They would dance in the streets if I retreated from America. Bad news, though. No way.

“We’re just getting started here, and America is just part of the plan. It’s a real global vision for the sport.”

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