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Are the Paul brothers bringing any good to the Boxing world?

The Paul brothers, comprising Logan and Jake, might be divisive online, thanks to their fair share of controversy, but what’s more divisive is the impact they’ve had on the boxing world. In this article, we’ll be exploring just that, looking at how they’ve changed boxing, whether they could be a force for good, and what their actual impact has been.

​​Whether you’ve come across the Paul brothers online because of their funny videos and podcast episodes or because you’ve followed their boxing career and seen them when you were looking for the best online sportsbook. We’ve got you sorted with this guide that’ll tell you everything you need to know.

How have the Paul brothers changed boxing?

There’s a lot more to the Paul brothers than their silly online personas, with the lads having a background in contact sports that’ll give them an edge over other celebrities that have jumped on the recent trend of going into boxing. They represent some of the first people to make that leap who actually have the potential to make it at a high level, which is massive.

Depending on who you ask, the Paul brothers are either the best thing since sliced bread in boxing or simply a symptom of an increasingly money-oriented sport that cares little for pedigree or standards. Whether you agree with either side of this argument, which has become fiery recently, you can’t deny that they’ve brought lots of their fans to the sports.

While the Paul brothers have changed boxing and increased its visibility in ways that it’s often struggled to do, appealing to the young, it’d be remiss not to mention the impact KSI has had alongside the Paul brothers. The London-born fighter of Nigerian heritage has been an online heavyweight for the best part of a decade and has become a great fighter himself.

Could the Paul brothers be a force for good in boxing?

Having outsider showmen come into boxing and look for a quick buck isn’t something new, but it’d be harsh to throw the Paul brothers into that because it doesn’t seem as though they just want the money. They seem to have a genuine care for those who are in the boxing space, showing respect for legends and wanting to make the space more engaging.

As we touched on before, boxing has been previously disconnected from those in the mainstream, struggling to engage young viewers and becoming more of an older men’s club that is rooted in tradition. What the Paul brothers have done is show young people that boxing is cool as hell and something that is as accessible as any other sport and that anybody can give it a try, no matter whether they have previous experience or not.

In the long run, this will mean that more young people will be in the boxing gyms and training for fights. This has come at a time when gyms have been struggling to pay their bills because of aging demographics and a disconnect for young people at the grassroots level. Love them or loathe them, the Paul brothers entering the ring has helped so many gyms.

What’s the impact of the Paul brothers in boxing?

The Paul brothers, and the millions of new viewers they’ve brought with them, have added some spice to a sport that was going stale because of the boring traditions and aging fans. This injection of youth, and more importantly, money, has helped to line the coffers and give the fighting promoters a reason to genuinely cater to these new, younger boxing fans.

Jake Paul might be the more unpopular fighter, and definitely the least mature one, but his earning potential is unlike many other influencers, especially those associated with the ring. Since he entered the boxing scene, Jake has earned more than most professional fighters will in their entire career, and his charisma and fanbase are massively responsible for that.

It’s hard to understate what’s happened over the past few years with Jake making headlines when he earned millions from boxing a former top basketball player while Logan did even better, facing the legend that is Floyd Mayweather in the ring. While money was clearly a big factor for Floyd, it shows the scale of the Paul brothers’ influence in the sporting space.