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Home » Lightning fast, slimmed-down Andy Ruiz Jr. crushing the gym

Lightning fast, slimmed-down Andy Ruiz Jr. crushing the gym

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Andy Ruiz Jr. has again shown off his lightning-fast gym combinations alongside an extra workout routine.

The former heavyweight champion is crushing his regime after slimming down considerably under his new strength and conditioning coach.

Ruiz has dropped enough weight over the last few weeks to be able to add chin-ups to his regiment.

If Ruiz still carried the same poundage, he scaled for Anthony Joshua in December 2019. It certainly would have been impossible for “The Destroyer” to complete.

However, the man who will face Luis Ortiz on September 4 in a heavyweight Pay Per View got filmed doing multiple reps.

Andy Ruiz Jr gym

Knowing a world title shot or a massive clash with Deontay Wilder hangs in the balance, Ruiz has finally got himself together.

Extended periods out of the ring and two trainer splits since claiming the sport’s biggest prize haven’t helped his progress. But neither did several months of celebrating his victory, colossal purse, and new lifestyle.

Standing in his way in the fall will be a dangerous veteran in Ortiz. The Cuban gave Wilder all he could handle in two fights despite two knockout losses.

Ortiz had Wilder down on the scorecards twice before succumbing to that one shot Deontay Wilder is always capable of at a moment’s notice.

If Ruiz can handle Ortiz in better fashion than Wilder, that would set up massive interest in an Al Haymon PPV a long time in the making.

WBN first reported the fight was on the cards in 2020. A combination of Wilder pursuing Tyson Fury for a third clash and Ruiz being in and out of the gym halted any real progress.

Ruiz has to come through Ortiz to gauge where his career can go next.

Ortiz confident

At the same time, Ortiz is confident he can beat any version of Andy Ruiz Jr.

“I’m blessed to be back in a position to get closer to achieving my goal of becoming the first heavyweight champion of the world from Cuba,” said Ortiz.

“Anyone who doubts me has only fueled me to keep going.

“I know I have to make a big statement in this fight. That’s my plan for September 4.

“I respect Andy Ruiz, but he’s standing in my way. I’m going to do whatever it takes to go through him.”

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