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Home » Eddie Hearn names four promoters trying to ‘freeze him out’ of US

Eddie Hearn names four promoters trying to ‘freeze him out’ of US

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Promoter Eddie Hearn says four of his US rivals, particularly, have ‘ganged up’ to get him out of the country.

Hearn, who signed a deal with DAZN to take his Matchroom brand worldwide in 2018, is currently struggling to land the biggest fights.

This scenario is down to his major competitors not wanting to work with him moving forward.

Outlining how he feels about the situation, Hearn stated he would fight hard to prove his global capabilities.

“I’m talking Leonard, Lou DiBella, Bob Arum, Stephen Espinoza. Do you see that? Say this, say that. Say I only did these amount of numbers. Call it Dark Zone. Yeah, that was good. Keep going, keep going.’ And all the energy that they’re using is just like evaporates, while my energy — which is why I can go Australia, Jeddah, San Antonio, and LA all in a week and smash it up. We’ve got much bigger plans for all this,” Hearn told FightHub TV.

“So what I’m experiencing in the US is only what I experienced in the UK when I started, which was resistance from the industry. But that’s flattering in a way. I want to leave a mark wherever I go.

“I’m not interested in conforming. I’m not interested in pretending to be something I’m not, going in and making friends with these people, and being two-faced.

“I’ll be friendly, but I’m going to speak my mind, and I’m going to use my sarcastic British tongue that sometimes goes entirely over people’s heads, and I’m going to be myself.

“And you don’t have to like me, or you can like me, but you will respect me when everything’s over.”

Eddie Hearn on Canelo vs. Bivol

On Ellerbe claiming Canelo vs. Bivol did 120,000 buys, Hearn added: “It did unbelievable numbers, did 600,000 buys, which a tremendous first effort.

“But these people, don’t matter if it’s Leonard or Bob (Arum) — but you got to understand how this game works. It’s Me vs. Them. And it’s so fuckin’ flattering.

“You imagine some Brit coming to America and the whole American industry ganging up, if you like, to try and freeze me out.”

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