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Home » WBC criticized for Zepeda vs Ramirez as Prograis gets rinsed

WBC criticized for Zepeda vs Ramirez as Prograis gets rinsed

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WBC chiefs took flak this week as Josh Taylor vacated the title, and Zepeda vs Ramirez was ordered.

Taylor negated on facing Jose Zepeda as the Scot eyes a lucrative rematch with the man who defeated him, Jack Catterall.

It’s believed that Taylor no longer feels like a champion after Catterall clearly won on the scorecards.

Eventually, Catterall was robbed in the worst UK decision ever.

After vacating the WBA version, Taylor dropped the WBC strap leaving Catterall with little to claim when they fight again.

Josh Taylor vacates WBC Superlightweight Championship.

Zepeda vs Ramirez is ordered for the vacant title. The WBC has just received a letter from Josh Taylor’s attorney in which he confirms his decision to relinquish The WBC super lightweight championship.

The WBC truly regrets losing so much time and having mandatory contender Jose Zepeda frozen, as well as other fighters in the division.

We wish Josh Taylor success in his future inside and outside the ring.

The WBC, as a result of this, orders Jose Zepeda vs Jose Carlos Ramirez to fight for the vacant super lightweight championship of the world.


Prograis, who has worked himself back to the top after getting a shocking decision against Taylor, said: “It’s just funny to me at this point.

“Now you’ll tell me this. Answer me this, right. How are two titles vacant, and I’m not fighting for either one of them?

“That doesn’t make sense. What is going on? Like, for real? What is going on?

“How am I not fighting for either one of them? This is insane. This is not making sense.

“I don’t even know what to say. Somebody fix this, please.”

Regis Prograis Josh Taylor

Mark Robinson

The super-lightweight star is right, though. How does he beat Taylor the first time, get robbed, and then get nothing?

Jack Catterall could have gone the same way too. It’s a miracle that a rematch is even happening.

Governing bodies need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

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