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Home » Mayweather vs Maidana: A bite, a yelp, and a missing tooth

Mayweather vs Maidana: A bite, a yelp, and a missing tooth

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World Boxing News reflects on the 2014 rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana.

It’s a member of the bite fight club. Looking back through the archives, it’s noted that Maidana bit Mayweather in the eighth round.

Mayweather said: “Once he bit me in the 8th round, I couldn’t feel my hand the rest of the fight.”

WBN wrote about the incident and recorded Mayweather yelping.

Mayweather vs Maidana bite

“The central talking point of the fight, though, will forever be an eighth-round incident involving what looked to be a bite by Maidana to Mayweather’s hand as the boxers engaged in one of several clinches.

“An audible yelp could be heard as Mayweather backed away from the Argentine following an obscured tangle.

“The pound-for-pound best complained profusely to referee Kenny Bayless. At this point, it was unclear whether the fight would go on.

“Bayless admitted to Mayweather that he did not see what happened and could only offer to keep an eye on Maidana as the fight continued.

“Judges’ scorecards came back reading slightly closer at 116-111 (twice) and 115-112, with my verdict being a comprehensive and convincing 118-110 victory for Mayweather – who defended three world titles at two weight divisions on the night.”

On the possible bite, a downbeat Maidana stated that ‘Mayweather may have had his hand in my mouth, but I didn’t bite him,’ in response to Showtime interviewer Jim Gray’s question.

Shaun Miller / Chino / TMT

Mayweather vs Maidana Tooth

Maidana later revealed he keeps the American’s tooth on a chain after knocking it out during their saga.

The molar is said to be from the first fight when Madiana pushed Mayweather hard to earn a lucrative rematch. It has been mounted on a pendant to wear around the Argentine’s neck.

It represents the biggest money-earner of Maidana’s career and duly sent ‘Chino’ into retirement at the age of 29.

Maidana walked away with a heft eight-figure check from the two contests in 2014, more than enough for the two-weight world champion to call time of his career.

But four years later, Maidana got the itch again. He was even offered a three-fight deal with Al Haymon in late 2018.

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