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Home » FDA bombshell in Tommy Morrison case as US Supreme Court denies

FDA bombshell in Tommy Morrison case as US Supreme Court denies

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Those involved did not contest that HIV tests carried out on Tommy Morrison were not FDA approved.

The shock revelation went down in the US Supreme Court this week.

Tommy’s wife Trish revealed to World Boxing News that Quest Diagnostics issued no denial regarding the test as she continues her bid to get accountability for Morrison’s lost boxing career.

Trish fought to have Tommy’s case heard by the Supreme Court. However, her petition got denied, and she is now contemplating her next move.

Ultimately, Trish wants those involved to admit her husband did not have HIV when he got suspended indefinitely from the sport. Test results aired later in Morrison’s far too short life showed no evidence of HIV in his system.

Tommy Morrison case

“Well, our conference day on June 23, 2022, at the U.S.Supreme Court was sandwiched between
some pretty historical issues such as Gun Control and Roe vs. Wade,” began Trish.

“There were 178 cases, including Tommy’s case. They were in front of the seven Justices that attended the conference. Of course, all wanted their petitions to be granted.

“In addition, three cases had already had their petitions granted months ago, and their cases were decided on the same day.

“Only three cases were granted petitions out of 178 cases, and sadly Tommy’s case was not one of them.

It is pretty incredible how much workload is in front of these Justices. The Court receives over 7000 requests but only accepts about 70 cases yearly.

What is next?

Well, so much deceit and deception have been uncovered in these past eight years, and no doubt more exists.

“I have learned that attorneys do not tell the truth even under oath. They get away with it because of the statute of limitations and because there are Judges that look the other way.

“Just in this last round in the US Supreme Court filings, defendants Quest Diagnostics did not contest the fact that the HIV tests they use/used on Tommy are not FDA approved. This is huge!

“If this were a DOJ (Department of Justice) case, Quest would be in big trouble. Can you imagine millions of people worldwide being diagnosed as HIV positive with a test that has no clinical trials to support its efficacy? Then being prescribed treatment for something they do not have?

“I am pretty sure Quest was excited with today’s ruling. But I have 25 days to file and pay for a petition for a rehearing. The deadline is July 20, so give it one last go.

“Keeping Tommy’s story out there has opened many eyes,” she concluded.

Morrison died in September 2013 of causes unrelated to HIV, detailed Trish to WBN in the past.

There may now only be one chance left to finally get the answers Trish desperately wants in the name of Tommy Morrison.

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