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Deontay Wilder explains why he may retire, ‘I feel complete’

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Deontay Wilder gave an insight into why he recently stated there’s no guarantee he will return to boxing.

Citing his new music career and enjoying family time as reasons recently, Wilder elaborated on the latter in an interview with Premier Boxing Champions.

The former WBC heavyweight champion went deep on why he’s considering never fighting again.

“I have been doing many great things outside the boxing ring,” Wilder told PBC. “To enjoy my free time, my family to explore certain business adventures and investments. Also getting back into other hobbies and passions that I already had and loved to do. But I didn’t have the time to do it, and I enjoyed my life so much.

“The saying goes that when I look around all my good days out way my bad days, I won’t complain at all. That’s how I look at life, as all my good days outweigh my bad.

“I look at my children, how they take care of each other and how I even learn from them.


“People think age can limit us as human beings age. For me, it enables you from doing certain things in life until you get to a qualifying age. But age doesn’t disable your mindset, way of thinking, or obtaining knowledge. Because knowledge you can learn from a child.

“I didnt even know that bird’s poop and [number one] at the same time. My four-year-old taught me that. Little fun facts like that, we don’t know it all. That’s why I say, ‘are you smarter than a fifth grader?’

“We don’t know it all. It doesn’t have to be something super advanced in this world or a mathematical problem. It can be something simple, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

“At this moment in time, I sit, and I indulge in my children. I sit back, just shed tears, and think that all this was created with my hands.”

Deontay Wilder investments

Discussing putting some of his massive paychecks aside, “The Bronze Bomber” added: “My intelligence needs to be able to do what I have to do.

“I put my money in places where I should put it invest it right now. We always think we have time to do things, but time waits for no man or woman.

“That’s why I always tell my children to provide great things to the world. Do it honestly and fairly so you can live with what you have done. I have no regrets because greatness is only determined by service.

“No complaints coming from this old dad right here.

Deontay Wilder Telli Swift
Ryan Hafey

“Looking back on my life, what I am proud of the most is being able to just set a foundation for my family. I am a family man.

“I created my children, and in doing that, I have a mandatory obligation that I must fulfill each and every day to take pride in being a king. And not only being considered a king but by doing king things,

“My actions speak louder than my words. I have a will for my children. But I keep revising it every time I gain even more growth.


“I told my children when I die when the inevitable comes to me, there will be my ashes, my will, and that good old statue. I feel accomplished, and I feel complete.

“They gave me all my bundles of roses, and they set it in stone within a statue, and that’s amazing.

“They can’t take that away from me; they made me a living legend. I still can’t believe it.

“I am on a high, and I think I will be up there till the day I die.”

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