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Pulev expects “one big sparring session” against Chisora

Chisora vs Pulev 2: Kubrat Pulev expects to cruise to victory against Derek Chisora in a sparring session fight.

The former world heavyweight title challenger is looking to put himself in the mix for significant challenges after losing momentum when halted by Anthony Joshua in 2020.

A one-sided interim win over Jerry Forrest after seventeen months away from the professional code meant Pulev was in line for a call from Eddie Hearn.

Chisora vs Pulev 2

As the pair approach a July 9th showdown, Pulev sees another easy victory for the twelve-round duration on DAZN.

“I have respect for him because he always takes fights against difficult opponents like me and in his last three fights,” said Pulev.

“He always takes tough fights, and he’s never scared. That’s why I have respect for him. What can I say? I’m ready. I took this fight because I was ready.

“My last fight against Jerry Forest was a similar style to Derek Chisora. It was like one big sparring session. He didn’t hurt me, and he can’t do a lot of things against me. I win easily.”

Kubrat Pulev vs Dereck Chisora


The pair fought for the European title in 2016 at Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg. Even then, the contest failed to set the world alight. Hopefully, Chisora will take it to Pulev to make it a slugfest and negate Pulev’s prediction.

“Derek is a difficult opponent, and we have a little bit of history. And now, a couple of years on from my first win over Derek, I feel good.

“I feel better because I teach, and I learn a lot of things from my fights. I have more experience.”

Bombs away

Representative Ivaylo Gotzev was a little more enthusiastic about Chisora vs Pulev being more than just a move around.

“It’s a fantastic fight. The first one was “bombs away” – a very closely contested fight.

“This one should exceed what happened about five or six years ago because I believe both guys are better. I can definitely attest to Kubrat.

“I believe I have seen Kubrat in the best shape of his life. His last performance was amazing. He destroyed Jerry Forest [on points] only about a month ago, so we walked right into this one ripe and ready.

“What a great fight – thank you for the opportunity. We want to make a statement come July 9th, and we look forward to coming back many times to England.”

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