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Adrien Broner comeback fails to materialize despite ten-week camp

Despite reports that the former world champion would face Omar Figueroa, an Adrien Broner comeback is not yet on.

According to some news sources, a date of July 23 was penciled in. However, an intensive ten-week training camp resulted in nothing.

“The Problem” had hopes of being back in action following another eighteen months of turmoil. Unfortunately for the Cincinnati man, an announcement wasn’t forthcoming.

Premier Boxing Champions recently confirmed a heavyweight battle between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Luis Ortiz. Had the Broner vs. Figeruoa fight been ready, Al Haymon would have green-lighted the official confirmation by now.

PBC is known to be sticklers for relaying their schedule when it’s up to speed. Even Ruiz’s fight with Ortiz was left off at one point as the former heavyweight champion was not in a position to agree on the contract.

Similar seems to be the case for Broner vs. Figueroa. However, it’s not known whether Broner is the hold-up or Figueroa.

Earlier this month, Broner was eager to get the fight out in the public domain, having already trained for a significant period. He also stated he’d dropped the hanger-on, yes, men that have blighted his later career.

“I’ve been working my [rear] off. I see many people left me and thought I wouldn’t be champion again.

“But I’ve been in camp for two and a half months [ten weeks]. I’m training by myself and working my [rear] off alone.

Adrien Broner 2022

Hangers on

“There are usually 15-20 plus people on my side while I’m training. It didn’t matter if they were holding water, Powerade for me, or having the bag while I was working out.

“They were just there encouraging me to push myself. Now it’s just me [coach] Mike Stafford and [my] cutman. I want to keep it this way.

“There ain’t no hard feelings to nobody, but just keep the same energy when I’m back as a champion.

“Some of the closest people switched up on me. I’m fine with their decision cause I know I’m a hustler.

“I started this alone, and I’m going to finish this alone,” he added.

Adrien Broner comeback

Unless Haymon is convinced Broner and Figueroa can commit to a date, there will be further delay unless things work out for the fall.

Furthermore, both fighters may only have a few days to decide on the event taking place.

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