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Home » Overweight and reputationally crippled, Jarrell Miller walks a tough road

Overweight and reputationally crippled, Jarrell Miller walks a tough road

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Jarrell Miller spent four years in the boxing wilderness. Judging by his comeback, it wasn’t time well spent.

“Big Baby” piled on the pounds despite working with some of the best heavyweights before his comeback.

Spending time with Tyson Fury, it didn’t seem apparent that Miller was carrying so much excess weight.

Stepping out at the weigh-in for his recent battle with Ariel Bracamonte, it became evident that Miller was a “Bigger Baby” than usual. Topping up 24 pounds from his heaviest ever weight scaling, the New Yorker has to lose that extra timber as soon as possible.

Sterner tests will come. However, due to his current shape, Miller will have to be brought on slowly.

Despite knowing his ban would run out this summer, Miller didn’t use his time wisely and get in tip-top shape. This extra weight will only set him back in the long run.

It could be another year before we see Miller back to the shape he was for battles against Johann Duhaupas, Mariusz Wach, and Gerald Washington.

Jarrell Miller weight

For all three bouts, Miller scaled under 300 pounds. So for him to weigh 341 pounds for his comeback was shocking. Even at 317 for his previous highest weight in the fight with Tomasz Adamek, Miller looked too big.

He must step up his out-of-the-ring preparations to get anywhere near a world title challenge in the next two to three years.

Jarrell Miller Ariel Bracamonte
WBA Boxing

Turning 34 next month, Miller is running on the treadmill the wrong way in terms of securing a ranking, winning an eliminator, and getting his shot at any of the four titles.

Taking part in a World Boxing Association event for his return would not have been coincidental by his co-promoters, Dimitriy Salita and Greg Cohen. They know he needs a big help in the reputationally crippled department.

KO Drugs

Miller sparks debate wherever he goes regarding his previous misdemeanors but didn’t help himself by not addressing those at the KO Drug Festival laid on by the WBA President.

He could have taken the podium at any event and shown remorse. Maybe he should even have talked about his announced willingness to change. Instead, Salita issued a joint statement with Cohen stating Miller was too busy with his preparations to speak and would leave discussions in the hands of his fists.

On fight night, he couldn’t deliver due to his considerable mass. The next few months will prove to be a critical spell for Jarrell Miller.

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