Celebrity Boxing KO likened to Mike Tyson branded worst dive in history

A knockout at a recent Celebrity Boxing event caused controversy after the participant oversold a fall from a seemingly harmless punch.

Albert Ochoa defeated Mike Mazza via a WWE-style finisher, only for the commentary team on duty to label the stoppage as Mike Tyson-style.

Listeners can hear a female voice saying, “now, that’s a knockout!” – A man’s voice comes in as he states the killer punch was “a blow to the top of the head.

“Remember, Mike Tyson. He knocked out Trevor Berbick this way. And it looks like Mr. Ochoa has knocked out Mike Mazza.”

Blac Chyna fight

Once the video footage did the rounds, it wasn’t long before criticism of the event followed. Celebrity Boxing was headlined on the night by Blac Chyna facing Alysia Magen.

“That dive was one of the best I’ve seen. Sign him up for WWE,” said one commenter.

Another added: “That’s got to be the worst boxing knockout sell ever!”

A third stated: “This Ochoa vs. Mazza fight looked too fake.”

Mike Mazza is apparently an actor who now cites the event on his IMDB as a credit. Other shows include Brick, Shadow Society, and Vex.

That should tell you all you need to know about the validity of what transpired.

Celebrity Boxing

Whatever the case is, Celebrity Boxing is polarizing audiences, especially the die-hard fans who see it as an insult. The events may have a place in the sport for some to squash their beef. However, incidents like this one don’t help the reputation of those staging them.

Boxing is already awash with YouTubers pretending to be professionals. The last thing the sport needs is more bad publicity.

Judge for yourself.

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