Julius Francis cleared as Wikipedia update is cut

The Wikipedia page for former British heavyweight champion Julius Francis had an update to it this week reflecting his one-punch knockout of an angry man at BoxPark.

Francis, 57, now leading up security at the venue in London, dealt with an aggressor with a beautiful right hand when threatened with violence by the culprit.

Having read 23-24-1 following his retirement in 2006, the Francis page read 24-24-1 with the addition of a “Blue DuRag Man” stoppage in the first round.

Sadly, the updated information has since been removed.

The following paragraph did make the cut, though, to reflect the incident.

“In June 2022, whilst working at a gig as security at Boxpark Wembley, Francis went viral for knocking out a man who was acting aggressively to numerous members of the public.

“Roger Wade – the founder and CEO of Boxpark – was quick to defend Julius after it was revealed that the man had been acting aggressively for up to 15 minutes before Julius punched him.

“Other employees of Boxpark also spoke to the press in support of Julius, praising his character.

“The viral video showed the man in question pushing several members of staff and attempting, unsuccessfully, to punch both patrons and members of security.”

Julius Francis cleared

On the situation regarding a police investigation, it read: “In the moments before Julius knocked the man unconcious, the man could be seen approaching Julius, shouting and raising his fist.

“The Metropolitan Police reviewed the video in question but ultimately concluded that Julius had acted reasonably and legally.”

Free to continue serving the public, Julius Francis has offers on the table to consider for several exhibition fights.

After years of happily working in obscurity, it only takes a punch to turn everything around.

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