Jones Jr. vs. Klitschko: Roy offers to settle beef

Roy Jones Jr. offered to fight fellow retired legend Wladimir Klitschko following a public dig at the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Klitschko gave an acceptance speech to the Canastota attendees as the Ukrainian could not fly over for his delayed 2021 induction. “Dr. Steelhammer” is currently defending his country from war with Russia.

Jones, who holds a Russian passport personally given to him by President Vladimir Putin, has strong ties to Ukraine’s fiercest rivals.

The link led to Klitschko asking ‘Which side are you on, Roy?” during his video transmission. Klitschko also said Jones traveling to Crimea was a break of Ukrainian law and that he “questioned his moral compass.”

Hall of Fame chiefs edited out that part of the clip. However, Jones learned about Klitschko’s words from social media.

Jones Jr. vs. Klitschko

He has since responded with an offer to settle their beef in the ring.

“Klitschko is trying to throw me into this political world, but I have nothing to do with politics,” Jones Jr. told ES News.

“I’m like, I don’t know what you are talking about when you come up with that politics. But if you want a fight, you can call me.”

Addressing his opposition to the war, Jones added: “Why would you target me for that? – I have nothing to with that.

“As a matter of fact, I have people on both sides. I don’t want to see anybody at war because [Vasily] Lomachenko is one of my favorites.

“I don’t want to see no war with Russia. I have 45 kids that train in Russia, amateur kids that have nothing to do with none of that. I feel for those kids too. So I don’t want to see anybody at war.

“You’re not the only person who is having a problem. Don’t be trying to throw me under. I didn’t even know I was on a blacklist on the border of Crimea. I didn’t even understand that back in 2015.

“I do box, so if you want this heat, you can call me back. I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

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