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The Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricardo Lopez 50-0 debate

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather holds a half century of victories, the best-retired record in the boxing business.

But several comments surrounding that 50-0 record this week urged World Boxing News to explain the actual statistic.

After Wanheng Menaoythin came out of retirement to suffer the first defeat of his career and drop to 54-1 in 2020, Mayweather reclaimed his previous benchmark.

The American reached it by defeating Conor McGregor in 2017 to move one ahead of Rocky Marciano. Wanheng surpassed it on 51-0 almost one year to the day in 2018.

Menayothin defended his WBC strawweight title against Pedro Taduran and subsequently began building on his lead over Floyd Mayweather until disaster.

Mayweather rightly now holds the accolade again, but many don’t understand what that 50-0 record is.

It’s the number of victories in a row by any given fighter before retiring undefeated. That’s exactly what the achievement is. Explaining this beforehand due to an argument over Mexican legend Ricardo Lopez, WBN can confirm that draws negate any claims.

At 47-0 on March 7th of, 1998, Lopez was held to a controversial technical statement against Nicaraguan Rosendo Alvarez, which dropped his C.V. to 47-0-1. Hence, not a victory.

Lopez did win the rematch eight months later, but ‘Finito’ was already out of the running by then. Only wins count in the undefeated streak.

Currently, Floyd Mayweather is out on his own at 50-0, with every single one a W.

Floyd Mayweather 50

Mayweather vs. Ricardo Lopez

Now, a few contenders are in the running to threaten Mayweather’s record in the future.

Mexican Gilberto Ramirez, Terence Crawford, and Jaime Munguia.

But to make it doubly clear, if any of those are held to a draw, they are immediately out of contention to overtake Mayweather.

Only victories count for the unbeaten streak record. Currently, Mayweather is a fair way out on his own due to Wanheng’s shock reverse.

Wanheng’s decision to completely turn around, hanging his gloves up now, looks to be a mistake, as it makes you wonder where else he can go.

Sadly, a rematch win over conqueror Panya Pradabsri did little to help him claw back his old marker. A two-weight move would possibly be the direction he could go.

For Mayweather, an exhibition comeback in 2022 will not extend his lead. It will put an extra eight-figure check in his bank balance, though.

Maybe that is the point for the 50-0 record-holding former champion.

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