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WBA judge banned for racism returns to title action

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WBA judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo quietly stepped back into judging last February after being suspended for racist tweets and a controversial scorecard.

Rizzo got ousted by the pressure put on WBA President Gilberto Mendoza to act following activity by the World Boxing Association Female Judge of the Year for 2019.

The uproar began when Rizzo handed in one of the most shocking scorecards of recent years for the Gabriel Maestre vs. Mykal Fox fight that her past activity came to light.

In one tweet, Rizzo referred to former First Lady Michelle Obama as “Monkey Face” and seemed to have staunch views backing views against black people.

She also said a Black Lives Matter leader should be ‘killed’ in another shocking outburst.

The head of the company, Mendoza, then faced a backlash in August 2021 and finally commented on the situation.

“We saw her score was wrong despite the unanimous decision. Those comments she made in the past, she might be expelled by the WBA,” said Mendoza.

“I don’t support any kind of racism. I believe in equality. Sports are the only thing that brings equality into the world sometimes.”

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WBA Judge Gloria Rizzo

Rizzo subsequently got taken out of the firing line with a six-month stand down. She returned on a low-key Miami card on February 11, just over half a year later. Judging five fights, Rizzo seemed to get another score wrong as she eased back into officiating.

It wasn’t until last weekend when Rizzo got the Trevor Bryan vs. Daniel Dubois WBA regular heavyweight title fight did anyone noticed that she was back in business.

There’s since been an eruption of activity against Rizzo’s comeback without comment on any rehabilitation or change of views.

“So Gloria Martinez Rizzo is back judging WBA championship fights. Ain’t that some s***,” said Mykal Fox, the fighter on the wrong end of the original terrible decision.

When asked if he believes she’s a changed woman, Fox added: “No, I don’t think.”

Rizzo’s ominous presence in the sport with no explanation of whether she has amended her views or received any education on racism seems to be just another kick in the teeth for boxing fans.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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