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Money Mayweather: Floyd gets paid for press conferences

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Floyd Money Mayweather revealed how much he got paid for appearing at a press conference promoting a fight in Japan later this year.

Mayweather will battle Mikuru Asakura in Tokyo this fall, an event that will net the former pound-for-pound king an incredible eight figures.

Not to be underpaid for his time, though, Mayweather organized a flat fee for turning it to promote the event this week.


“You want to know how much I got paid to be here? Do you want to know how much? – One point five,” Mayweather told Elie Seckback of ES News as he walked side by side with the organizer.

He added: “You know who wired me the money? – Him!” pointing to the Japanese businessman forking out the cash.

Mayweather also spoke to Seckback about a possible documentary about his life that he is contemplating releasing.

“I have been filming my life behind the scenes from 1996 to right now,” he explained.

“I never knew people were able to do documentaries. I just filmed it to have for myself. I have no plans on putting it out.

“What you guys are going to see is a lot of me boxing. I mean, I boxed everybody, and I had a lot of good days. I had a lot of bad days in the gym, but I never had a bad payday.


On helping the homeless, Mayweather added: “It’s just my calling to give back. To be able to stay nice and warm, to be able to take a shower and have three meals a day. I am going to give back.

Concluding on exhibitions, potentially against YouTubers, Mayweather stated: “I spoke to Andre Ward at the International Boxing Hall of Fame on stage.

“Ward said he didn’t mind doing an exhibition against [a YouTuber]. But [another YouTuber] reached out and said he wants part two [against me], and this is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid.

“So a lot of times, stop listening to all the bull because when you bring Floyd Mayweather’s name up, you stay relevant. I am always the reaction. I am not the action.”

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