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Mike Tyson vs. The Beast: Bob Sapp wants it

Super heavyweight phenom Bob Sapp called on former boxing champion Mike Tyson to agree on a massive exhibition fight.

Sapp, a kickboxing and MMA superstar who had the capabilities to break a man in half during his pomp, called on Tyson to accept his advances with more than a bit of persuasion.

Bob Sapp challenge

Taking to the airwaves, Sapp told his supporters Tyson was his number one target for a battle of the ancient legends. “Mike, now we all know what happened when you and I talked about the fight,” said Sapp.

“I sent you a photo along with this sentence: ‘Mike if you fight me, I will rip your heart out and tear it to shreds.’ And it still applies.”

“The Beast” continued: “As for you, Mike. I’ve got a challenge for you. “Since you stopped running, listen to me for a second: you and me and two of my best fighters vs. two of your best fighters.

“Stand up, Marquess of Queensbury Rules. Because you’re too scared to fight one on one. “I’ll take all of you on, punk boxers. I like little Michael. I like little Michael.

“That’s my challenge. You know my age. Fight me. Or my crew.”

Mike Tyson

Despite the sheer size of Sapp and the fact he weighs over 300 pounds, Tyson is no slouch, as friend Joe Rogan explained on his podcast.

“Mike Tyson’s 220lb, solid as a rock. Even if he’s 55 years old, he’s on all the Mexican supplements. He’s on everything. They use muscular electrical stimulation on him.

“Tyson is 55, and they’re still talking about him fighting [younger guys]. It’s crazy.”

Tyson vs. Sapp was first due to go ahead nineteen years ago. They famously had an in-ring incident at that time.

The pair then engaged in talks two years ago until Tyson signed to fight Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition.

The fight gained over one million Pay Per View buys despite the diminished skills on show.

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