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Online Casinos are coming back to USA, Vegas, boxing

It’s been a long way around, but European casinos are returning to form a welcome union with the mecca of gambling and boxing, and it couldn’t come soon enough. US online casinos will reap the benefits of the markets opening up as the quality casinos and games, developed in Europe, will instantly transform the online gambling landscape in those states that allow it.

Boxing and gambling have an unbreakable bond as many of the sport’s biggest fights have been held in Las Vegas, a city that symbolizes giving it your best shot to win it all – or lose it all. Become a champion or go home. That’s what both boxing and gambling are all about.

Slowly but surely, the USA gambling scene is becoming richer as it’s gradually importing the quality products our friends overseas have been freely developing for decades now as their market was regulated and it allowed for emergence of growth of huge multinational companies.

With the recent positive changes regarding regulation of online gambling in the US, we’re witnessing regulated online gaming environments emerging in one state after another. At the moment, Nevada isn’t among the states that look likely to regulate online gambling – for understandable reason of not wanting to surrender a chunk of profit to online casinos – but we’re on the road to get there one day.

While we were busy discussing whether we want online gambling or not in the first place – for the better part of the last 20 years – the Europeans have been busy innovating.

A whole new sector of gambling emerged – live casino games – that offers the best of both worlds as live games allow online play with a live streamed action hosted by a human dealer. Live Blackjack and Live Roulette emerged and then one company from Sweden, Evolution, took it further and started designing new versions of these traditional games. Now we have roulette with two balls, with win multipliers, blackjack with the Six Card Charlie rule, blackjack with win multipliers etc.

Evolution even started designing stand-alone games that haven’t been seen before, such as Crazy Time or Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, a game based on a hugely popular slot Gonzo’s Quest. Games like these have caught the players’ attention and have become a staple of online casino play.

With the recent global pandemic, live casino games have seen their numbers boosted more than usual. As people couldn’t visit the brick-and-mortar casinos, they turned to online play, and found out that there’s a vibrant and innovative scene that offers games that are, simply put, superior to anything in land-based casinos.

It’s a known fact that live casino gaming is the fastest-growing sector in the gambling industry, and it’s likely to stay that way for a long time, especially because there are major markets where it didn’t even get started yet.

Such as the US.