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Gervonta Davis vs. Garcia can happen at 50-50

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Oscar De La Hoya discussed a potential Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia fight as boxing fans doubt the fight will happen.

On an episode of Inside Boxing Live with Dan Cannobio, the legendary De La Hoya talks about Golden Boy’s plans, Garcia vs. Davis, and how long he wants to stay in the sport.

De La Hoya makes it no secret that he is willing to offer Gervonta Davis a boatload of money to fight his guy, Ryan Garcia.

Could that fight happen next? What’s in store for Jaime Munguia and the rest of the Golden Boy stable with this new DAZN deal?

Oscar answers that, discusses his potential plans to run for mayor of Las Vegas, and more!

De La Hoya on the potential for a Gervonta Davis Garcia fight [40:29]:

“I announced yesterday that I’m willing to make Tank Davis a multi-million-dollar offer to make this fight happen with Ryan because that’s exactly what he wants. Ryan wants Tank Davis next.”

De La Hoya on Showtime demanding to air the Tank Davis vs. Garcia Fight [41:05]:

“It’s a way of saying, ‘We don’t want the fight.’ And it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make business sense. If you have two platforms promoting the fight, pushing the fight, available for their customers on Showtime on DAZN, it makes the event much bigger.

“That fight could easily generate over 1 million homes on both Showtime and DAZN platforms. So, I’m willing to do that. I want to meet them halfway.

“Many of these promoters and networks don’t want to cross the street. I’m willing to meet them halfway and make this fight happen.

“I mean, this is somewhat of a 50/50 fight. Let’s split everything down the middle 50/50 and make this fight happen.

De La Hoya on Showtime reporting viewership numbers [42:25]:

“Well, look, I mean, obviously we know that Showtime fluffs their numbers drastically. For people to talk about how Tank Davis is a big seller, to derail the negotiations with other people, with Ryan Garcia, for with myself. Does he do big numbers? I don’t think so.

“Does he get paid 4, 5, 6 million dollars? Yes. Great, but if he fights Ryan Garcia, guess what? He’s going to make a lot more than that.

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Golden Boy

De La Hoya on whether he’s willing to make it a two-fight deal to appease both Showtime and DAZN [43:27]:

“Absolutely. I’m open to anything. I mean, I’m open to everything. It can be a two-fight deal, just like you mentioned. I mean, everything is possible.

“We can even do a split where maybe you hold 10%, and the winner gets that extra 10%.”

De La Hoya on potentially running for mayor of Las Vegas [54:26]:

“There might be some opportunities in Vegas to run for mayor. Imagine that?”

“I’m actually building a home in Vegas, and I should have done it a long time ago, not only for business but also the obvious, the tax reasons.

“Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if I can make a run for mayor in Las Vegas.”

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