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Home » Does boxing need Devin Haney vs George Kambosos Jr. II?

Does boxing need Devin Haney vs George Kambosos Jr. II?

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Boxing doesn’t need a second helping of Devin Haney vs. George Kambosos Jr. after such a decisive display by the new champion.

That’s the consensus among fans and media who witnessed a masterclass from Haney to become undisputed at lightweight.

Haney admitted that the fight wasn’t too hard on him for the duration.

“I was comfortable. I was just sticking to the game plan. The game plan was to go there and hit and not get hit. I did that for the majority of the fight,” he explained.

“I took the last round off just because I knew I was comfortably ahead. But I fought a good, smart fight.

“I handicapped him of his best things. He wanted to land the overhand right, and he wanted to land the big left hook. I handicapped him.

!I was fighting both ways. When I would go to the left, I would fight his right hand.

!When I would go to the right, I would fight his left hook. And he couldn’t hit me with neither one of them.”

Haney concluded: “I want to thank George Kambosos and all of Australia for coming out. Thank you, George, for giving me the shot.

“All of these so-called champions would not give me my shot. But George was a true champion, and he gave me my shot. Thank you for this.”


Kambosos wants a second chance, though, and that’s key to the rematch going through later this year.

Despite calls for Kambosos to allow Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko next, it’s far likelier that the Australian will invoke his clause.

Whether he allows Haney home advantage in the United States is also debated.

“This was amazing for the sport. It was amazing for the country. I wanted to take the best and hardest tests at the end of the day,” said Kambosos.

“I’m going to give him full respect after his victory today. Let him have his time, and we’ll do it again. I have to implement a few things, but I thought the fight was very close.

George Kambosos Devin Haney
Mikey Williams

“I’m not going to wreck his moment. I’ll let him have his moment. Last November, my moment was wrecked, so let him have his moment, and I’ll see you again real soon.”

On his performance, Kambosos added: “I landed the right hand a few times. I worked it to the body, but he had a smart game plan.

“He grabbed and held a lot and did what he had to do to win. That’s what it’s about. You do what you have to do to win.

“Today, they gave him the decision, but I’m sure it will change when we get it on again. Respect to him, and respect to boxing. This is boxing.

“You fight the best. Win, lose, or draw. This is what it’s all about. I’ve always been about fighting the best. I gave him a shot, and we’ll do it again.”


Analyst and ex-world champion Sergio Mora joined Errol Spence Jr., stating the pair should leave their saga at one fight.

“Contractual rematch clauses should have “clauses.” No rematch unless needed, demanded, or marketable,” said Mora.

Spence stated: “Shouldn’t be a rematch, though.”

Ishe Smith was one of those who went against the grain and said that Kambosos is well within his rights to protect himself and his future.

“Unfortunately, we know how this is going to work. Devin got that opportunity because he agreed to a rematch clause.

“Had he not, he wouldn’t have gotten the shot. I don’t want to see it either, but contracts are contracts, and the champion earned that right.”

It’s hard to argue with Smith.

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