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Home » Trainer who smashed boxer’s opponent apologizes, gains sympathy

Trainer who smashed boxer’s opponent apologizes, gains sympathy

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Former professional boxer turned trainer Michael Sediane unloaded a shocking barrage of punches on Jeff Magagane in South Africa.

Magagane celebrated a close victory over Sithembiso Maduna only to get blindsided by Sediane on the ropes.

Thankfully, even after a tough fight, Magagane was okay as calls for Sediane to face a suspension increased in the aftermath.


Former world title challenger Tshifhiwa Munyai, who is still competing at 37, led calls for action against Sediane.

“What is it that BSA is doing about this so-called trainer?

“He did something like this in the Eastern Cape. We’re not safe as boxers. BSA must revoke his license for life,” urged Munyai.

Fellow trainer, Damian Durandt doesn’t agree with Munyai, as he told

“His actions were uncalled for and unjustified,” said Durandt. “But we don’t know what he is going through in life.

“We know, though, that he does a lot of good for boxing; he does a lot more for his fighters than what is warranted. He does not need to suffer a life ban.

“My dad (the late Nick Durandt) was involved in many verbal altercations. Boxing SA would adjudicate the issues.

“My father was never penalized or got his trainer’s license revoked. So we don’t want to see Michael lose his license because he is good for boxing.


“I advised him to seek help if he faces anger management issues. Suspension is welcomed, and he needs time off to heal.

“I am talking from experience. But I was short-tempered growing up, and I got involved in street fights.

“I had sessions with professional psychologists; my family and my pastor supported me.

“Back in the day, I would have gotten involved in a fist fight with Michael.”

Sediane has since apologized for his shocking outburst.

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