Boxing: What makes it so unique for its fans in 2022?

As a sport to watch, Boxing is creating a comeback these days. People are returning to the basics of this sport and following the year’s calendar with intriguing and promising performances. The year of 2022 is estimated to be very busy for the world of Boxing, with many vital games already played or scheduled and more to be announced as we move along. 

For the frequent users of 32Red sport betting, the year is even more interesting to follow, estimating the results of the most important fights and the trends in each of the boxing categories. Boxing is just one of the sports on which to place a bet, though one of the most interesting to follow, as the players’ performances are very much influenced by what happens in the previous fights.

The names of the moment

Tyson Fury is a name that boxing fans love. In a fight against Dillian Whyte on April 23rd, the Gypsy King kept his champion title in the heavyweight category. The winning knockout was a right-hand uppercut that came after six rounds of domination.

Amir Khan is another name that the fans followed from the beginning of the year. After a 17 years long career, the successful super-lightweight champion announced his retirement from Boxing. The news came after a defeat against Kell Brook earlier this year in a fight at Manchester Arena. Khan won his Olympic silver medal, as the youngest British boxing medallist, in 2004 in Athens. Later, in 2005, he switched to professional Boxing. Khan, the Olympic medallist and two-time world champion announced to his fans that he feels that his time in Boxing is up, feeling grateful for a long and successful boxing career.

Artur Beterbiev is an unbeaten Russian boxer belonging to the light heavyweight category. He’s a boxing professional with 15 knockout wins, a tough fighter who has held the title of WBC champion since 2019.

Another unbeaten fighter is the American Terence Crawford, with 35 wins and 26 through knockout. Belonging to the welterweight class, Terence is a fast-moving and solid defensive fighter, considered very beautiful to watch in a game.

The Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, unbeaten with 17 wins and 13 knockouts, is the Olympic gold medallist of the 2012 Games in London and representative of the heavyweight category. Oleksandr turned professional in 2013 and immediately won his first world title in a fight with Krzysztof Glowacki. With an excellent boxing technique, Usyk is a real champion who never missed an opportunity to collect titles. 

The challenges of the year

There are many unanswered questions that fans would like to get a quick opinion on, as the boxing events of 2022 are more visible than before. One of these questions is: how will the younger players perform?

Many new young players are on the rise and will be noticed better this year. Especially names like Vergil Ortiz or Jaros Ennis, who have the potential to become great stars. Stevenson, already known, has the potential to become the world’s best fighter in his category. Heavyweight player Anderson is expected to dominate his division for a longer time. 

The fights to see this year

Canelo Alvarez vs Artur Beterbiev is a fight with interesting stakes that will likely be scheduled for 2023.

Kazuto Ioka vs Jerwin Ancajas is a historic fight initially planned for December 2021 and later postponed. 

Juan Francisco Estrada vs Roman Gonzalez III is another postponed fight that keeps the fans excited until rescheduled.

Joe Smith Jr. vs Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez is another fight to look forward to watching.

Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr. is a must-see fight.

Why is Boxing so popular these days?

Boxing remains a popular sport worldwide, with national fluctuations based on the origins of the names of the moment. It is one of the oldest and most honest sports. Players rely on bare physical strength and minimum equipment. For the fans, Boxing requires loyalty. The favourite players will not have consistent performance in all their fights, despite the season’s expectations, the games are sometimes rescheduled, and the personal biorhythm of the fighters is the key to each winning or defeat. 

One crucial factor influencing the popularity of this sport is the network television. Considered a more niche sport, Boxing is not widely broadcast to the public. The events are sometimes mentioned in the sports news; however, more consistent television coverage would confirm this sport’s popularity.

When shown at its best, during important fights with talented athletes, Boxing is more exciting than any other sport. The technique, the struggle to fight, the concentration and the strategy in the fighting ring are thrilling and make a great show.