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Home » Eddie Hearn failed, blew $1 billion DAZN budget, says Mayweather CEO

Eddie Hearn failed, blew $1 billion DAZN budget, says Mayweather CEO

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Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe claims Eddie Hearn has blown his way through a one billion dollar budget with DAZN.

In a further episode of the Ellerbe and Hearn don’t get along saga, Floyd Mayweather’s right-hand man blasted back at the Matchroom boss.

The response came after Hearn branded Ellerbe irrelevant despite being involved with Gervonta Davis.

Hearn had said to Pro Boxing Fans: “If I don’t know what I’m doing, why am I a hundred times bigger than Leonard Ellerbe?”

“Why are we the biggest global promotional company in the world, bar none? And Leonard Ellerbe is not even relevant actually in the boxing industry.

“When you talk about the top promoters in the world, do you mention Leonard Ellerbe? Let’s be honest – not in a million years.

“He then comes out and says, ‘oh, Canelo Alvarez only done 300,000 [pay-per-view] buys.’ Double it and add more, and that’s how many buys [it did] and if you want, speak to DAZN, and they’ll confirm it as well.

“This guy is hilarious. He is so angry that he has lost his mind. I need to take him out for a nice cup of tea, Leonard Ellerbe.”


Jumping straight on Hearn’s disrespect, Ellerbe hit back with a double barrel shot.

“Imagine being appointed as the CEO of a new boxing entity, having a billion dollar budget to secure talent, and blow through it because you misgauged the US market with nothing to show for it,” said Ellerbe.

“Meanwhile, self-proclaiming yourself as a global icon and the best promoter in the business.”

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Ellerbe continued: “His [Eddie Hearn’s] whole mantra “I’m going to take over boxing in America” completely backfired.

“If he were the General Manager for any sport, was responsible for building a team and given a billion dollar budget and it completely failed, he would have been fired.

“He’s got a different kind of privilege, though.”


Having the former pound-for-pound king and best-selling Pay Per View star on the same platform as his promotional company helps Hearn. He’s regularly on the same stage as Canelo Alvarez during fight week festivities for the undisputed super-middleweight champion.

To his credit, Ellerbe still holds responsibility for ‘Tank’ Davis – at least for one more fight. Hearn has since suggested he might ‘overpay’ to land Davis to spite Ellerbe due to their beef.

The whole scenario doesn’t sound like two adults, let alone two professional boxing representatives.

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