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Home » Eddie Hearn alienates himself further with Floyd Mayweather CEO rant

Eddie Hearn alienates himself further with Floyd Mayweather CEO rant

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Eddie Hearn gave the Floyd Mayweather Promotions CEO all he could handle in a recent interview lauding his promotional credentials.

Hearn went off on a mad rant that will only serve to alienate him further from the rest of the United States market moving forward.

On the back of calling himself the ‘biggest promoter in boxing,’ Hearn followed it up by blasting Leonard Ellerbe, a respected member of the US boxing community.

Ellerbe had given Hearn a piece of his mind after the Matchroom boss talked about snatching one of his fighters when his contract ends.

Gervonta Davis has one fight left with Floyd Mayweather and Ellerbe. Hearn stated he’s open to signing the Pay Per View star.

Unsurprisingly, Ellerbe was disgusted with Hearn’s actions.

“Tank, he’s a clown looking for attention,” said Ellerbe on Hearn.

“Only fights he will ever go to is a TR show, and you know why. Trust me, he’s not coming anywhere near any fighter he talks about, and you know why.

“Ignore these clowns!”

Giving Hearn another dose, Ellerbe added: “I’ve said it, and I’ll continue to say it, in my opinion, he’s the biggest [POS] in boxing. Period.”

Interviewed in the UK during a fight week recently, Hearn spoke to the media in comments that won’t help his case in the US.

After previous comments about both, the Essex man has already admitted he can’t work with Al Haymon or Showtime. He also stated his relationship with Top Rank is hit and miss.


This latest episode could sever more ties as Hearn continues to put himself above everybody else rather than on a level playing field.

“If I don’t know what I’m doing, why am I a hundred times bigger than Leonard Ellerbe?” Hearn told Pro Boxing Fans.

“Why are we the biggest global promotional company in the world, bar none? And Leonard Ellerbe is not even relevant actually in the boxing industry.

“When you talk about the top promoters in the world, do you mention Leonard Ellerbe? Let’s be honest, not in a million years.

“He then comes out and says, ‘oh, Canelo Alvarez only done 300,000 [pay-per-view] buys.’ Double it and add more, and that’s how many buys [it did] and if you want, speak to DAZN, and they’ll confirm it as well.

“This guy is hilarious. He is so angry that he has lost his mind. I need to take him out for a nice cup of tea, Leonard Ellerbe.”

Floyd Mayweather Leonard Ellerbe
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He added: “But, how can you say this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing? Look at me. We’re the biggest in the game. Who are you? Nothing, you work for Floyd Mayweather.”

On the possibility of taking Davis from Mayweather to Matchroom, Hearn chucked more salt into an open wound.

“Can you imagine if we sign Gervonta Davis? – Now, I’m not saying we’re going to approach Gervonta Davis.

“But let me tell you – if Gervonta Davis’ contract is up and only then would we speak to him.

“What were we saying about those billion dollars? We’ve got to open up the case, baby!

“Because I would definitely overpay to sign Gervonta Davis, just for the banter with Leonard Ellerbe.”

Judge for yourselves.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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