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Home » Exclusive: Erickson Lubin backs Adrien Broner for 140 pounds takeover

Exclusive: Erickson Lubin backs Adrien Broner for 140 pounds takeover

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This week, World Boxing News caught up with Erickson Lubin to gauge his thoughts on friend Adrien Broner returning to the ring.

WBN also quizzed Lubin about how he reflects on his recent setback to Sebastian Fundora and his plans for the future.


Firstly, Lubin spoke about Adrien Broner reaching out to him in the aftermath.

“I am great friends with Adrian. He was impressed with my performance, and his message meant a lot to me because we have a great friendship,” Lubin exclusively told World Boxing News.

On whether he believes AB can get back to the top of the sport again after his problems. Lubin responded: “I think he is a super talent.

“Adrien Broner can accomplish anything he puts his mind to right now. He can definitely bounce back.”

Pressed on whether he thinks Broner should be competing at 140 given his losses at 147, Lubin said: “I think he should be at 140.

“That is a weight that he can make a lot of noise in [if he makes the weight]. He can possibly take over his weight class. It is tough at 140, but he will do just fine.


Here’s how the rest of the interview with Lubin went down.

WBN: Did you speak to Fundora after the fight, and what did you say to each other?

“We didn’t speak much. All we said to each other was that it was a great fight, and maybe we can fight again in the future.”

Erickson Lubin

Amanda Westcott

WBN: What do you make of the social media talk of Fundora being too tall to be allowed to compete at 154?

“I feel that if he makes the weight, he can fight wherever he wants.”

WBN: Do you think Fundora could trouble Charlo if they fought?

“I think he gives trouble to anyone because of his height and range. He has a good motor and throws a lot of punches. He would give anybody a good, difficult fight.”

WBN: When do you hope to return, and would you consider moving up in weight?

“I plan to return at the end of the year. I’m not moving up in weight. I make 154 pounds comfortably. I have to become a champion in my weight class before moving up.”

Erickson Lubin is champing at the bit to get back in there and prove himself again. As for Broner, he should be fighting later in the summer.

WBN Editor Phil has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN us on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.