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Stricken Alejandra Ayala remains hospitalized in Glasgow

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Alejandra Ayala continues to fight for her life in an induced coma in one of Glasgow’s top hospitals.

The update comes a day after reports surrounding the recovery of the boxer led to Mexican boxing fans asking for some respect shown to the family.

After undergoing emergency surgery, Ayala, 33, is being cared for following a stoppage loss to Hannah Rankin.

The weekend knockout has already faced criticism due to the lack of top-level victories on Ayala’s record.

Since then, prayers from the boxing community have continued to focus on Ayala, hopefully surviving her injuries.

At around 5 am Eastern Time, trickling reports from Mexico began to state that Ayala had passed away. Within an hour, this was denied by some who had direct contact with the Ayala family.

We still don’t have confirmation of anything concrete regarding Alejandra Ayala. We must continue to focus on the positives.

The WBA released a statement after the tragic incident occurred.

“The World Boxing Association (WBA) prays for the health condition of the fighter Alejandra Ayala. After her defeat against Hannah Rankin last Friday in Glasgow, Scotland, she was admitted to the hospital.

“The British Boxing Commission sent the communication about the situation of the Mexican fighter after the fight. She is currently hospitalized and is expected to know details of her evolution.

“The pioneering organization and the boxing world is putting all its prayers into Ayala’s recovery. We hope for a speedy and satisfactory recovery.

“It also sends words of encouragement to his family at this time of uncertainty.”

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The IBO, who was also responsible for sanctioning the fight, added: “Alejandra Ayala was admitted to a Glasgow hospital. She underwent emergency surgery and is now in stable condition.

“We’re in contact with Alejandra’s family and team. We offer them all our support. We will update the information when we can and if it is appropriate. But right now, our thoughts are with Alejandra and her family.

“We are still waiting for official information,” they added – according to reports in Mexico.

World Boxing News would like to offer our positive thoughts for the safe recovery of Alejandra Ayala. We will follow this story closely to uncover the facts.

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