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Floyd Mayweather claims to be ‘breaking barriers’ but isn’t fooling anyone

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Floyd Mayweather fights ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore this weekend in an exhibition that seems to be bypassing any general interest in the sport.

The former Pound for Pound king continues to return and return in his forties as companies keep paying him millions for the association.

You have to say fair play to Mayweather to command fees in the millions at the veteran stage. However, he’s not fooling anyone with this ‘fight’ against Moore.

Mayweather is trading blows with someone he’s known for years. He was a fighter his uncle trained and an opponent with zero accomplishments.

Moore may be undefeated, but he’s fought absolutely no one and has hardly ever fought in Mayweather’s weight class.

Floyd Mayweather believes he will give the fans an event never seen before despite all the facts. He may well do that, but it won’t be with what happens inside the ropes.

And forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole point of a fight supposed to be what happens in the ring?


As fight week got into full swing for the Dubai showcase, Mayweather said: “I promise you’ve never seen a boxing event like this.

“I’m going to continue to break barriers on May 14. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I’m a once-in-a-lifetime fighter.

“There’s no one else in the sport who could headline an event this over the top. I’m going to give the fans what they paid for.”

This week, boxing writer Keith Idec said it best when he outlined just how ‘dangerous’ Don Moore is for Mayweather. It doesn’t make for good reading.

“The only thing dangerous about Floyd Mayweather’s opponent in his exhibition Saturday in Dubai, “Dangerous” Don Moore, is where he lives (Gary, Indiana),” outlined Idec.

“Moore is undefeated (18-0-1, 12 KOs), but his opponents had a combined record of 56-165-6. None had winning records.”

He added: “Moore also is a blown-up lightweight who has fought just once at the welterweight limit.”


Floyd Mayweather won’t care one iota, though. He’s ready to pocket another eight-figure check at the Burj Hotel helipad.

Mayweather said he’s simply enjoying the paydays he gets from his previous reputation.

“I love displaying my talents for the whole world and doing something new that interests me,” pointed out Mayweather.

“Boxing is entertainment, and that’s what I’m all about. I worked hard to accomplish more than anyone during my career.

“Now I’m going to enjoy the fruits of my labor while still giving fans something exciting to watch.”

Floyd Mayweather exhibition

On fighting in such an iconic arena, Mayweather concluded: “They always say the sky is the limit.

“Well, I feel like I’m pushing the limit in the entertainment world once again, going up and literally fighting in the sky.

“These are the kind of opportunities that I’m always going to jump at.”

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