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Kell Brook retires, Frank Warren reacts to WBC

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In the latest round-up of boxing news, Kell Brook has retired, and Frank Warren is unhappy with the WBC over Tyson Fury.

Brook steps away after a victory over Amir Khan, deciding against a fight with Chris Eubank Jr. at a catchweight.

Explaining his decision, “The Special One” spoke to The Telegraph, saying: “I’ve had a long chat with my family and parents. It’s over for me. I’ll never box again.

“It’s a little emotional to be actually saying this out loud. My mum is relieved. I think everyone around me is pleased.

“Truth is, boxing is a very, very tough, dangerous sport, one in which you can be legally killed in the ring. I’ve finished now with all my faculties intact.”

On beating Khan to secure his UK legacy, Brook added: “I needed the Khan fight, I needed to settle the grudge, the feud.

“There is no dark feeling left in me now, I think when you have been in the ring with someone, it passes. It leaves you.

“Me and Amir said some words which were hateful in the build-up, but that’s what happens in boxing.

“I respect him after the fight. He showed real heart in there.

“I’d just like to be remembered as a fighter who would go in with anyone, feared no one. Who gave the fans what they wanted.”

Tyson Fury


Meanwhile, promoter Frank Warren warned the World Boxing Council not to rush Tyson Fury into a decision on his heavyweight title.

Reports surfaced that the WBC wanted a final answer from Fury after he decided to retire when knocking out Dillian Whyte.

“There’s nothing for the WBC to assess,” Warren pointed out to The Mirror. “I don’t see any relevance because there’s no mandatory due.

“So what are they going to talk about?

Why would they strip him? He’s got no mandatory due. The only time he gets stripped is if he doesn’t fulfill his mandatory. He’s just had one, that’s it.

“Whatever he’s going to do, he’s going to do. I can’t tell him what he should do because he’s too intelligent for me to try and influence.

“He’s a very smart person, a very clever man. Listen, he may turn round and say tomorrow, ‘You know what, I’m vacating the title.’ He may want to do that.”

Warren concluded: “No one’s going to tell Tyson Fury what to do. The only person who will tell Tyson Fury what to do will be Paris or himself.”

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