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Home » Ex-TMT fighter slams Floyd Mayweather, urges Gervonta Davis to leave

Ex-TMT fighter slams Floyd Mayweather, urges Gervonta Davis to leave

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Former Floyd Mayweather fighter Ishe Smith says Gervonta Davis should take control of his career after fighting on May 28th.

As part of a rant about how Mayweather Promotions handled the situation with Davis, Smith gave his former promoter a verbal reprimand.

The ex-IBF super welterweight ruler went in on Mayweather as he told “Tank” to think hard about his next career move.

Davis will see his contract with Mayweather end as soon as the final bell goes in the mandatory clash with Rolando Romero.

Smith said: “Are you all going to call this man ungrateful and all kinds?

“But I’m speaking facts. I was inside. I know what the kid is going through. I’ve always liked him and told him a while ago before he blew up he had the power I have rarely seen in the gym, and he was special.

“Real sucka [sic, expletive]. But I don’t and wouldn’t expect anything less from that side [Floyd Mayweather]. Keep doing you,, though, young king.

“Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for you to take control of your career.”

As some fans questioned Smith’s motives for going after Mayweather, he responded: “I’m not going back and forth with you all.


“Some of the responses prove my point. Be my guest if you want to sit at the bottom of the table waiting for crumbs.

“But if I accomplished more than you and you follow me. So wtf does that make you? I’m comfortable in my own skin.

“Man, I’m 43, soon to be 44. You all are calling names to a guy that accomplished ten times more than you ever did in your life.

Ishe Smith
Mayweather Promo

“Young Smith was an a-hole. Old Smith has got three kids in college, soon to be four.

“Keep sitting on the couch dreaming you can fight, criticizing those who did or are fighting.

“It’s good for your ego, I guess. But rest assured, 43, 53, 103, it isn’t none of you all aver joes that can [expletive] with me in that squared circle.

“Now let that sizzle in ya spirit,” he concluded.


Floyd Mayweather and his right-hand man Leonard Ellerbe seem confident that Davis will remain with the company after his next fight.

They don’t seem worried about the clock ticking down on a massive contract that could earn all sides millions on Pay Per View.

It’s now down to Davis to clear up his future after hearing what Smith said it was allegedly like for some involved with “The Money Team” in the past.

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