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Floyd Mayweather tops Manny Pacquiao on WBC 154 list

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Manny Pacquiao once again has to take a back seat to Floyd Mayweather in a list of the all-time greats.

Pacquiao lists at number ten on the World Boxing Council’s best super-welterweights ever.

Both inclusions, plus Shane Mosley’s spot at eight, prove the lack of depth the 154 division has struggled with over the years.

All three legends were predominant welterweights who only flirted with the next weight class when needed.


Pacquiao won the belt in 2010 when demolishing Antonio Margarito for the vacant title.

Mayweather at number one is slightly surprising. However, he did enjoy two reigns as WBC ruler in 2007 and between 2013 and 2015.

Manny Pacquiao Antonio Margarito 2010
Chris Farina

Terry Norris, who ruled between 1990 and 1993, comes third behind Oscar De La Hoya, who also had two spells as champion.

Jermell Charlo, the current ruler and another with more than one spell with the green and gold strap, will surely break the top ten if he defeats Brian Castano in their rematch.

Charlo is named in the last six ‘memorable fights’ with the World Boxing Council at 154.

See the stats below by Luis Medina.


1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (US)
2. Oscar De La Hoya (Mexico/US)
3. Terry Norris (US)
4. Winky Wright (US)
5. Sergio Martinez (Argentina)
6. Nino Benvenuti (Italy)
7. Simon Brown (Jamaica/US)
8. Shane Mosley (US)
9. Vernon Forrest (US)
10. Manny Pacquiao (Phil)


32. Oscar de la Hoya (US-Mex) 2001 – 2003
33. Francisco Castillejo (Spain) * 2002 – 2003
34. Shane Mosley (US) 2003 – 2004
35. Winky Wright (US) 2004
36. Ricardo Mayorga (Nic.) 2005 – 2006
37. Oscar de la Hoya (US-Mex) * 2006 – 2007
38. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (US) 2007
39. Vernon Forrest (US) (+) 2007 – 2008
40. Sergio Mora (US) 2008
41. Vernon Forrest (US) * 2008
42. Sergio Martinez (Arg) 2008 – 2009
43. Manny Pacquiao (Phil) 2010
44. Saul Alvarez (Mexico) 2011 – 2013
45. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (US)* 2013 – 2015
46. Jermell Charlo (US) 2016 – 2018
47. Tony Harrison (US) 2018 – 2019
48. Jermell Charlo (US)* 2019 –
* Regained

Thirty-nine world champions have recognition by the WBC, of whom only eight have regained the title.

They are Sandro Mazzinghi (Italy), Koichi Wajima (Japan), Terry Norris (US) twice, Francisco Castillejo (Spain), and Oscar de la Hoya (US-Mex). Also, Vernon Forrest (US), Floyd Mayweather Jr. (US), and Jermell Charlo (US).

121 WBC super welterweight world title bouts have taken place in WBC history.
5 WBC interim super welterweight world title bouts have occurred in WBC history.


July 17, 2021, Jermall Charlo D12 Brian Castano – San Antonio, Texas
Sep. 26, 2020, Jermell Charlo KO8 Jeison Rosario – Uncasville, Connecticut
Dec. 21, 2019 Jermell Charlo KO11 Tony Harrison – Ontario, California
Dec. 22, 2018, Tony Harrison W12 Jermell Charlo – Brooklyn, New York
June 9, 2018, Jermell Charlo W12 Austin Trout – Los Angeles, California
May 21, 2016 Jermell Charlo KO8 John Jackson – Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep. 14, 2013, Floyd Mayweather Jr. W12 Canelo Alvarez – Las Vegas, Nevada
May 5, 2012 Canelo Alvarez W12 Shane Mosley – Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov. 13, 2010, Manny Pacquiao W12 Antonio Margarito – Arlington, Texas
May 5, 2007, Floyd Mayweather Jr. W12 Oscar De La Hoya – Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep. 13, 2003 Shane Mosley W12 Oscar De La Hoya – Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep. 14, 2002 Oscar De La Hoya TKO11 Fernando Vargas – Las Vegas, Nevada

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