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Home » Dana White shows you what to do if Mike Tyson is on your flight

Dana White shows you what to do if Mike Tyson is on your flight

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Mike Tyson went viral for an airplane beatdown that his harasser could have avoided if he’d had taken a leaf out of Dana White’s book.

The UFC boss reposted a video of the pair playing the fool as they shared a private jet. Tyson tapped White to move from his seat, and he did so quick sharp.

White rehashed the clip with the accompanying words: “Hey dummies, for future reference, this is how you stay alive when bumping into Mike Tyson on an airplane.”

Tyson has avoided any police reprimand from the incident that saw Melvin Townsend III battered with a clutch of uppercuts.

Townsend, an ex-con, had taken it upon himself to goad Tyson from his seat until “The Baddest Man on the Planet” reacted.

Left bloodied and battered, Townsend will think again before he pokes any former professional boxer and heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson harasser named as Melvin Townsend

Florida Dept. of Corrections


Joe Rogan, who appeared on Tyson’s podcast recently, defended the ex-world ruler on his own version.

“It’s real simple. That dude was a douchebag. He was annoying, one of the baddest motherfrs that’s ever walked the face of the Earth.”

His guest Dan Soder, replied: “Talk about kicking a beehive. What the f are you doing, dude?”

Rogan added: “It’s so dumb! It’s not even kicking a beehive. But It’s like smashing. It’s headbutting a beehive.”

Lawyering up in the wake of an opportunity to make a few bucks, Townsend has yet to take his claim to the next level fully.

However, after getting on the wrong side of Mike once, it would be inadvisable to do the same again anytime soon.

Is he that stupid? – Who knows?

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