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Home » Mike Tyson uppercuts hapless flight selfie-taker until he draws blood

Mike Tyson uppercuts hapless flight selfie-taker until he draws blood

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Mike Tyson pulverized a selfie-taker when the man kept annoying him from the seat behind him on a flight from San Francisco. 

The former heavyweight champion stood up and reigned blows down on the hapless fan, who looked shocked at what transpired.

According to TMZ Sports – who obtained the video HERE, Tyson headed from San Francisco to Florida on Wednesday.

TMZ explained that the fan was ‘cool with Tyson’ until taking a selfie and then repeatedly wanting to speak with the ex-boxer.

Tyson, 55, then went for the man and planted several punches on his head. The whole situation got captured by someone sitting further back.

Apparently, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” had asked the man to stop.

JetBlue is aware of the situation, and police got informed to investigate. TMZ has no word back on whether the incident will bring further charges.


Tyson is famous for his phrase, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – This guy didn’t, as he left in a bloody state.

Throwing a few classic uppercuts on a flight doesn’t ring true with who Mike Tyson is these days. He certainly cuts a much chiller figure as he spends most of his time on his weed ranch.

“You see how much my life changed five years ago? I was a junkie five years ago,” Tyson told Forbes. “I didn’t even think I could survive.

“Then I got introduced to animal and plant medicine.

“Before, you always read about me in the papers, doing something negative.

Mike Tyson huge joint


“Now, what happened to that guy? You don’t see me partying anymore. That’s not my life anymore,” he says with pride.

“It’s hard to articulate it from my perspective, but psychedelics helped me assume my relationship with God.

“I don’t use it for recreation. I’m not a recreational user. This stuff is only done from a spiritual perspective.

“We go to ceremonies, you know. We have to bear witness and be humble.”

This new spiritual Mike slipped. Let’s hope it was only for a second.

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