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Fury and Whyte halt mass brawl threat – oh and they slept together too!

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Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte worked together to prevent a mass brawl at their first-ever WBC heavyweight title head-to-head.

After weeks of speculation over the fight even going ahead, Whyte turned up to engage in conversation with his nemesis at the press conference.

Whyte had been enraged by the purse split for the contest handed down as the World Boxing Council mandatory challenger.

The needle was evident during the face-off, but not from the two men who will trade blows.

Members of the Fury entourage, namely John Fury, got far more agitated than needed. Some of Whyte’s associates got a bit too close for comfort also.

Therefore, Fury and Whyte told them all to back off and cleared the way for them to go eyeball-to-eyeball alone.

“I’ve just prevented a big ruckus on stage,” said Fury to BT. “It’s not for our entourages to get involved!”

As for Whyte, he singled out Fury’s father as one of the main protagonists of anger.

“His dad needs to relax. My man is 600 years old and stepping forward, trying not to let my guys on the stage!

“It’s mine and Tyson’s day. Why are you getting involved? – He’s an idiot.”

Fury admitted there was a significant danger for him on Saturday night during the presser itself.

“If I’m not on my A-game, then that man will knock my head right off!”


On a side note that became a considerable giggle for many, Fury discussed their previous sparring years together.

He made a slight gaff that Whyte comically responded to as Fury slipped up.

“Sparring is sparring. We were there working together, and we were good friends.

“We went for a drink together. And we ate together. We slept together!”

Tyson Fury Dillian Whyte press conference

Whyte said: “We didn’t sleep together, bro. We slept in the same vicinity.”

Its’ all fun and games until the first bell dings on Saturday night.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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