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Will Otto Wallin face Tyson Fury if Dillian Whyte fails to show again?

Speculation is mounting that Otto Wallin is in town as a possible replacement for Dillian Whyte to face Tyson Fury.

Fury vs. Wallin II is a rematch of their Las Vegas bout in 2019. But that’s only if something goes drastically wrong in the final few days leading up to the Wembley Showdown.

Two reasons became apparent for the rumors at today’s public workout. One was because Dillian Whyte failed to turn up.


The other is Fury bringing Wallin into the ring with him as fans and media watched proceedings.

Should Whyte negate the deal, Wallin would be an ideal replacement. Promoter Frank Warren has already confirmed that a standby opponent is in place.

Discussing the Whyte fight set to happen on Saturday,, barring a last-minute disaster, Fury said: “My promise is you are going to get an excellent fight.

“Dillian is bringing his A-game,, and he is going to fight the best Tyson Fury.

“We are going to give the fans a real treat because you’ve got two top heavyweights in the world who are going to smash each other to bits for the entertainment of the paying customers.

“Do not miss this one! There are going to be a lot of fireworks and a lot of bombs getting slung.

“I wonder who is getting knocked out first? It ain’t going to be me. I’ll tell you that.”

Warren was coy about the situation as Whyte failed to show. The Hall of Famer chose to focus on the event as if Whyte turned up.

“There is a buzz about everything,, and we’re ready to go,” said Warren. “We’ve got a European record crowd coming.

“I’m delighted it is for Tyson because he deserves it. He has never defended his world title in the UK,, and the fans are coming out for him.

“It shows the love they have got.”

Tyson Fury 2022

Attempting to brush off Whyte’s no-show, Queenberry assured everyone that, “Whyte will make his first fight week appearance at tomorrow’s final press conference,, and the Hall of Famer predicts some typical knockabout rhetoric when the talking begins.”


To which Warren stated: “It is going to be the usual sort of thing. I am sure Dillian will throw some insults as normally happens,, and Tyson will just bat it off.

“It will be what it is going to be,, but the most important thing is what happens when they step into the ring. That is what counts.

“When they are looking into each other’s eyes tomorrow, they will be looking into each other’s souls,, and Tyson is a very, very confident person. Dillian is as well and very brave.

“I had a very brief conversation with Dillian about a week ago,, and we are all back on and ready to go. Tyson seems very at ease and very relaxed.

“He obviously knows the task he has got in front of him. He said to me this is the best he has ever felt, which means we will get something very special on Saturday night.”

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