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Gervonta Davis reacts to Floyd Mayweather $1m presser payoff, deletes

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Gervonta Davis reacted to why Floyd Mayweather allowed their press conferences to clash. He then deleted the post.

Mayweather admitted taking a $1 million payoff to air his comeback when his top Pay Per View star also held a media event.

Davis was enraged when holding a press conference to promote his May 28th fight with Rolando Romero.

On the day it all went down, and when tickets went on sale, Mayweather confirmed his comeback in Dubai.

A lot of the attention that should have gone to Davis instead went to his promoter.

Taking to the public domain, Davis aired his grievances.

He said: “Lol, had a press conference and fight on the same day. No matter how much money you have, you can still be jealous of an MF. Boy!”

Gervonta Davis Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather explained that money was the root of why the situation happened.

Rather than showing any remorse for his presser clash, Mayweather decided to clarify that he took cash in hand to go ahead with his own media day at the same time.

“You know, Anderson Silva [also featuring on the same May 14th card in Dubai] had to fly out of Miami. So we couldn’t do the press conference on any other day,” Mayweather explained to

“But They said, ‘we’ll pay you one million to do it.’ So I said, ‘No problem, I can feed my family with that,'” he added.

Davis saw Mayweather’s words and stated ‘lol’ before removing his reaction.


Taking what amounts to a check over his best boxer’s happiness is not the best look for Floyd Mayweather.

Along with his’ milking the game’ excuse on why he’s extending his career despite no longer having the goods, Mayweather is facing backlashes left, right, and center.

Contracts between Davis and Mayweather will expire after the Romero fight unless renewed in the coming weeks. It looks increasingly likely that Davis will move on despite being the biggest ticket-seller at Mayweather Promotions.

If Gervonta Davis goes his way and becomes the number one name in the sport down the line, as Mayweather predicted, the situation could be regretful for the ex-pound-for-pound king.

Davis and Mayweather have six weeks to thrash out their differences before everything becomes too late to salvage.

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