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Home » Ex-TMT star Ishe Smith rips into Floyd Mayweather over Gervonta Davis

Ex-TMT star Ishe Smith rips into Floyd Mayweather over Gervonta Davis

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Gervonta Davis possibly leaving Floyd Mayweather has led to former TMT star Ishe Smith ripping into his old boss.

Mayweather faced a backlash over the ongoing Davis situation from one of his former Money Team members.

Smith, who Mayweather took to become an IBF super-welterweight champion, gave his ex-employer both barrels.

‘Sugar Shay’ didn’t hold anything back as he made his feelings clear on Mayweather’s treatment of Davis ahead of his contract expiry.


“The love isn’t pure. Once you realize that, you separate yourself from people,” said Smith. “It’s always about kissing his [Floyd Mayweather] a** and who can do it better.

“I got out the way. I’m not built like that. So I choose to make my own bread while others choose to sit at the bottom waiting for the crumbs to fall.”

The former Contender star added that he thought Davis would have left Mayweather Promotions sooner.

“Real ni$$a’s know what it is. Tank is a real one, and I said it a while ago. I’m surprised it has even lasted this long, honestly.”

Floyd Mayweather Ishe Smith


Smith then went for Mayweather himself over his constant boasting and claimed the five-weight champion isn’t a genuine person.

“Any MF who constantly boasts about his accomplishments and constantly boasts he wants his fighters to break his records is full of it.

“He doesn’t want you doing better than him, period! Do you see Jordan or Tiger constantly boasting about themselves? As I said, it isn’t pure!

“Either it’s denial or delusional fanboys, but anyone close to the situation knows what it is. I’ll get my own bread. I make my own way before I sit around a table begging.

“I’m not built that way. Keep getting it, though. I’m not going to hate, but some are just built differently.

“People will say, ‘yeah, but he did this and that for you all. Yeah, and if I was married to a woman for twenty years and found out she had been cheating for five of them, should I forget it and act as if she gave me fifteen.

“Nah, I’m going to act like she cheated. I don’t owe my life to you.”


The words spoken by Smith are hard to understand for most people unless you’ve lived inside that Mayweather Gym bubble.

Smith is among a select few who got on the inside but was unimpressed, judging by what he’s stating about Floyd. He didn’t like what he saw or experienced.

Whether Gervonta Davis is going through the same kind of situation, only Tank knows. We will have to wait to see if he branches out when his contract expires.

His tenure with Floyd Mayweather ends after the May 28 mandatory fight with Rolando Romero.

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