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Gervonta Davis reveals demands to remain at Mayweather Promotions

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Gervonta Davis reveals for the first time what it will take for him to remain under Floyd Mayweather’s promotional banner moving forward.

The lightweight star, who has held first or secondary belts in three weight divisions, holds an uncertain future.

Snipes at Mayweather on social media happened either side of a press conference for his May 28 collision with Rolando Romero.

But standing next to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, Tank wasn’t afraid to air his views.

As speculation mounts that he may move on when he becomes a free agent on May 29, Davis told FightHubTV he wants more cash.

“If the money is right, I feel like I have the best team in boxing. So whatever decision we come up with, I think it’s the smartest decision.”

Ellerbe seemed non-plussed by Gervonta Davis, seemingly dismissing his past purses as Mayweather has always stated the fighter makes the most significant purses at 135.

The CEO continually brags on social media about how Davis takes home the extensive checks when it comes to gate receipts.

This latest demand by Davis to up his purse may come as a surprise to many.

Nonetheless, this is the reality Ellerbe and Mayweather face as the vultures circle for a piece of Davis if he does become open to contracts.

Despite the money statement, Davis believes he can still stay grounded.

“I just surround myself with people that I started with, but I am not somebody that walks around with my head up my a**.

“But I like to be chilled. I stay in my own personal space, and I don’t bother anybody.”

Gervonta Davis Floyd Mayweather


Asked about what it’s like on a big fight night, he responded: “You can’t teach that. You have to experience that.

“For me, it’s you step up now, or it’s a door dodge situation. I embrace the crowd. But I like a big crowd.

“If I went to a concert, I would see the crowd and how they embrace the crowd. I wanted that, but some people are not made for it.”

On whether he sees himself as an inspiration, Davis stated: “I think so.

“They [the kids] have seen me grow up. They have seen me walk blocks in the rain to get to the gym, and they have seen me survive a lot of stuff. They have seen guys before me get killed.

“So for me to be here today is a blessing. I would thank everyone that is a part of my personal team.”

Having the final word, potentially in another push to Ellerbe, Davis concluded: “It’s only up from here.”

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