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Floyd Mayweather’s ‘milking boxing’ admission sickens

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Floyd Mayweather caused controversy again after announcing his return to boxing on a helipad with a date of May 14th in Dubai.

Mayweather will fight Uncle Roger Mayweather-trained Don Moore over eight rounds in a special exhibition event.

The whole confirmation got a lukewarm reception, not only from the media but from Mayweather fighter Gervonta Davis.

“Tank” was unhappy that Mayweather chose to reveal details of the event on the same day his fight tickets went on sale, and he held a separate press conference.

Once the dust settled on the media day, Mayweather posted a social media video that was sickening to the stomach.

Floyd Mayweather is milking boxing

The five-weight world champion stated he was happy to be ‘milking’ boxing for all it’s worth and taking whatever he can get.

None of it will endear Floyd Mayweather to new fans, and it certainly won’t help Pay Per View sales for the contest.

Mayweather said defiantly: “I am going to pick up a couple of dollars. They are upset because I am able to milk the game. I’m smart.

“I kept all my faculties. I made a lot of smart investments.

“When great people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, the Waltons, the people who own Walmart and Walgreens, when they’re getting money in their 50s, their 60s, 70s, 80s, even 90s, it’s ok.

“But when a young kid like me from the inner city, from the ghetto [it’s different]. I was able to work my way up and leave boxing on my own terms.

“I was able to keep all my faculties and kept all of my money. They’re upset that I can go out there and continue to make $50m or $60million outside the ring.

“You can’t get upset. This is what God wanted.”


Mayweather’s comments come on the back of right-hand man Leonard Ellerbe going on a Twitter rampage to call out media who diss his leading man or other fighters.

Ellerbe told one broadcaster: “Tired of you disrespecting our company with this dumb narrative.

“None of you don’t see what fights we’ve tried to make. Unlike others, we work behind the scenes.

“It’s ok to have an opinion, but What do you or Dan know about building fighters? Did you know I tried a second time [to make Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia]?

“Remember that, yeah, Floyd ran and ducked his way into a billion dollars.

“Same guys who trashed him his entire career attempt to create these dumb narratives today. Stay woke!”

Between the pair of them, the likeability factor becomes a struggle when it’s the media’s fault for perceiving words spoken.

If Floyd Mayweather intends to milk boxing for all it’s worth, many others will get tired of that in record time.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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