Floyd Mayweather blasted as ‘jealous’ by Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather was noticeably absent as lightweight star Gervonta Davis held a press conference before blasting his promoter.

“Tank” will fight Rolando Romero on May 28 in New York and went over the fight as tickets officially went on sale. However, Mayweather announced his comeback at the same time.

Mayweather faces former Roger Mayweather pupil Don Moore on May 14 in Dubai. He chose that moment to confirm the event, which Davis didn’t take kindly to on social media.


“Lol, had a press conference and fight on the same day. No matter how much money you have, you can still be jealous of a MF. Boy!”

Davis seems to be heading away from Mayweather Promotions as his contract expires after the Romero fight. Several messages sent out of late point to discord between Davis and his mentor.

“Had to separate myself from the fake,” said Davis on April 2 in what looks to be another clue to his departure from Mayweather.


Regarding his fight again Romero, Davis talked about his latest test before firing at Mayweather.

“We’re ready, and we’ve been in camp. This isn’t our first time getting ready for ‘Rolly.’ We saw how he choked up when the lights are in his face,” said Davis after a heated head-to-head with Romero.

“We’ll see how he reacts when everyone is cheering against him on fight night.

“Some people are made to do it, and some people just talk their way through it. We know what we’re coming here to do on May 28.

Gervonta Davis Rolando Romero
Amanda Westcott

“We’ll see what this guy brings on fight night, under the bright lights. I had to walk through the door when it was time and become the man.

“Come fight night. It’s time to step up to that plate.

It will be interesting to see if Floyd Mayweather is present at the event when the lights go down on Showtime PPV.

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